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After Sandro Del Prete started the trend with his Folded Chessboard, many artists (inspired by his work) made an effort to recreate similar works based on Sandro’s idea. David Macdonald’s modern attempt even managed to surpass the original in internet popularity, and Megafon’s promotional poster went even further! But if you ask me, I’m almost certain none of […]

If you’re familiar with the computer game called Portal, then you know just how complex the imaginary world filled with teleportation portals can be. That’s why it’s such a perfect match for the world M.C. Escher imagined, particularly his famous  Relativity piece. While we have featured a lot of artist interpretations on this classic artwork, given […]

As a regular Mighty Optical Illusions reader, you’re all certainly familiar with what is undoubtedly one of M.C. Escher’s most famous works – Relativity. We’ve featured the piece recreated in LEGO, papercrafts, animated gifs, even in billboards, but this is undoubtedly the first time someone has been able to show us what the image looks […]

illusion tattoo

I don’t know about you guys, but I love top ten lists. When Vurdlak asked me if i could do one, I was really excited and a little surprised to see that there are only two top-tens on the site already. Well, rest assured that if you like posts like this, I’ll be happy to […]

So technically this papercraft version of M.C. Escher’s Relativity drawing is not actually origami, but kirigami, whereby paper is made into art through the use of cutting and folding rather than exclusively folding. But let’s be honest, while practically everyone has heard of origami, most people think of it as any type of art involving […]

There’s a great chance you’ve already seen something similar, or at least have a vague idea who Maurits Cornelis Escher was. In case you you haven’t, he was the famous Dutch graphic artist, most known for his impossible structures (Ascending and Descending, Relativity…) and various tessellations. Today’s article features one of the animated variations of […]

Let me tell you one thing – when you receive exactly the same email from dozen of multiple sources, it means there’s definitely something going on. Luckily nothing bad happened, and it was just another video illusion submission. One I couldn’t ignore, unfortunately. If it wasn’t so complicated extracting those clips, and then optimizing them […]

Whoah! Never expected that Lima’s illusion would trigger so many reactions (over 400 in less than 24 hours)! Unfortunately, not that many of you guessed it right. It seems that even I was tricked by it. My guess was that the hand is in front of the object, with bars painted on it to make […]