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red pill blue pill

The blue pill and the red pill were first seen in the movie The Matrix, when Morpheus gives Neo a choice—take the blue pill to stay asleep in the fabricated world The Matrix created or take the red pill to wake up and learn the truth. Even today, the red pill blue pill symbols are still […]

contrast changing optical illusion

Today I have a new optical illusion that was actually submitted to me by a viewer of MoIllusion. So, I’d like to give a big “thank you” to that reader. I appreciate all the emails I get and it may take a lot of time, but I eventually go over all of them. So, if […]

color adapting optical illusion

The way the colors in this optical illusion blend together is totally brilliant. Upon looking at this image, you’ll notice that the colors stand out as well as blend together. That’s not all though. The real optical illusion here is that the shapes within the picture appear to move. You may only be able to […]

Eye Illusion

Do you remember those old shows where the eyes in a creepy painting seem to follow you wherever you go. You know the ones, right? Someone is walking through an old, abandoned house and all of a sudden the eyes move and watch wherever they go. When I was first sent this animated gif eye […]

Optical Illusion

Enjoy a good brain teaser every now and then? If you said yes to this then I dare you to take a chance at this brain teaser. The object of this exercise is to say the name of the color the word is printed in, not what the word says. The second part of this […]

Here’s an illusion discovered and sent in by one of our fans from Croatia. As it appears both central squares are different in color, but are they really? Apparently, if you try with any other colour the results will appear the same. More similar stuff can be found inside our #color adapting category.

An excellent billboard campaign was produced by Mcann Bangkok few years back. I’m surprised it hasn’t surfaced our blog earlier. As can be seen from example photographs below, advertised color bleach removes stains pretty fast! From a distance, it appears there is a stain on the clothes, but as one comes closer, the stain magically […]

Another interesting illusion flew-in directly from Japan! As MindLab originally explains, non-existent contours are sometimes constructed by the brain to compensate for the missing sensory information. Check the four wheels in the second image – the “missing” parts can easily be mistaken as contours of the square, right? See what happens if we fill the […]