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optical illusion tattoo

Optical illusions are pretty popular with…well, just about anyone. I know our regular followers love optical illusions, obviously. But, sometimes I wonder just how much you guys really love optical illusions. Do you have optical illusion art on your walls? Would you consider getting an optical illusion tattoo? What about this illusion throat tattoo? This […]

Now here is a great find, Dylan pointed out to me. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the McGurk Effect before (I haven’t), but in short, it’s a perceptual phenomenon which demonstrates an interaction between hearing and vision in speech perception. In practice, this audio-video optical illusion effect may be experienced when a video […]

Adam Cline found another audio illusion for me to put on the site. I tried serving it through Google Mail podcast player, but it didn’t work. This audio illusion works in a same way as holophonic matchbox mp3s. Visit our audio illusions category for more cool illusionary mp3s. Don’t forget to hear Shepard’s Paradox, and […]

Remeber how back in the old days, people accused Black Sabbath of sneaking satanic messages into their song, that could only be heard by playing it backwards. First time I was entrodouced to this kind of hidden mesagges, was when I saw Little Nicky staring Adam Sandler. Well, that’s nothing compared to Aphex Twin, who […]

Woow!!! This has to be the coolest audio illusion of all times! Apparently, using the Mosquito device, UK pupils have recorded the ultra-high sound that is audible only to under-20-year-olds. Your hearing gets progressively worse around the age of 20, so if you play a sound on the edge of your hearing spectrum, unless you […]

Another user submitted illusion we got today. It’s a little different type than previous Audio Illusion, Shepard’s Paradox I posted. Be sure to check Mosquito Audio Illusion too! Def Oksbjerre sent us this MP3 file with explanation: “This one is so amazing. You have to listen to it with headphones. A shaking matchbox is moved […]

This time “Mighty Optical Illusions” brings you another type of illusion. Audio illusions, also known as Audio Paradoxes are sometimes to be found in nature. The best known audio paradox is known as Shepard’s paradox. It is the audio equivalent of the endless staircase illusion made famous by M. C. Escher. In this audio paradox […]