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confused mom illusion

I have a little different type of illusion for you today. It’s definitely an interesting start to the new week! Feast your eyes on this confused mom optical illusion… Poor mama! All she wanted was a profile picture with her and her two babies. Well, Facebook apparently had different ideas on what her babies actually […]

cool wine rack

I have to say that I’m a big fan of wine. And beer and whiskey and vodka for that matter, but wine will always hold a special place in my heart. (Not that I’m an alcoholic mind you!) I love just knowing that I have a few nice bottles of wine sitting in my wine […]

These Awesome Projection Cakes Will Blow Your Mind!

Some ladies think that it’s all about the dress, but I beg to differ. I think it’s all about the wedding cake! Actually, it’s all about two people actually loving each other enough to get married not for health insurance purposes, but ya know…cake is a close second. Some wedding cakes are masterpieces all by themselves […]

moving gif cube illusion

I was just thinking yesterday that we haven’t had any good moving GIF illusions lately. Lo and behold, when I checked the Mighty Optical Illusion Facebook messages this morning (yes, I’m behind) guess what I found? A follower sent us a link to a pretty awesome moving GIF cube illusion! You have to see this […]

guitar reflection illusion

If you’re an optical illusion lover, chances are you’ve already seen the guitar reflection optical illusion with trees and moon the reflecting on the water to form the shape of a guitar. That’s a pretty cool illusion, but Kovács just sent an even cooler version of this guitar reflection illusion to the Mighty Optical Illusion Facebook […]

Mad or sad face ambiguous face humberto machado

I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Labor Day weekend! But, it’s back to the grindstone for us working stiffs. Bummer. Then again, those bills won’t pay themselves, now will they? Today, I have a pretty cool ambiguous face illusion drawn by Humberto Machado. Tell me—is this a mad or sad face? I have […]

reverse motion pigeons

The start of the weekend is finally here! We’ve still got some nice summer weather here, and it’s a good day to head to the park. While we’re there, we just might be able to feed the pigeons if they’re hanging around… Looks like these little guys are just walking around bobbing their heads without […]

Is this gray bar the same color

It’s been a little while since this site has tried to trick your brain with a little color optical illusion. So, today I thought I’d throw out a color optical illusion to get you thinking. First, I want you to take a look at this image, specifically the gray bar… Is the gray bar one […]