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Butterfly wings have always fascinated me a little. They’re so delicate, but at the same time strong enough to carry an insect in flight. Some butterflies are also insanely beautiful with intricate patterns and designs on their wings. The design on a butterfly’s wings can even help protect them from predators looking to eat them, […]

long giraffe neck optical illusion

Everyone knows that giraffes have long necks. It’s certainly no secret, and it makes them one of the most unique and head turning creatures in the animal kingdom. Kids and adults alike often stand in awe at the giraffe pen at the zoo, and a rare glimpse of this animal in the wild is a […]

two headed giraffe

I love funky animals, and nature, and just all things weird in nature in general. Strange deformities, natural optical illusions—you name it! If it’s weird and funky, I love it! Chances are, you’ve probably seen some weird and funky natural objects and animals yourself. (Remember our 10 natural optical illusions for Earth Day??) But, I’ll bet you’ve […]

fat cat running

I have probably the laziest cat on the face of the planet. She lays around, sleeps, and eats—and that’s about it. So, as one would imagine, she’s a pretty chunky little cuss. The only time I’ve ever seen her run is when food hits her bowl. The fact that she’s also a fluffy long haired cat […]

moving cat illusion

Remember that awesome moving dragon illusion? The one with the cutout of the dragon that seemed to move as you moved your head? Well, I just ran across a very similar illusion, this time with a cat! Check out the moving cat illusion video below to see what I mean… With the music playing in […]

Jar of birds illusion

It’s such an absolutely gorgeous day here today! The sky is a gorgeous deep blue with a few little puffy clouds here and there. It’s not too hot and not too cold—it’s just right. Perfect day for curling up in the shade of your favorite tree and reading a book. The beautiful weather today made […]

wolf illusion

Wolves are some of my favorite creatures on the planet. And, I know I’m not alone on that! So, when I saw a wolf illusion, I knew I had to share it with you guys. This ambiguous wolf optical illusion can be viewed a couple of different ways. There are two wolves in this picture, […]

wave illusion artistic illusion

I have a pretty awesome artistic illusion that will definitely make you look twice today! It certainly made me look twice, anyway. Take a look at this wave illusion… How long did it take you to notice that there was more than meets the eye in this wave illusion? I originally skimmed by this image, […]