Cardinals Baseball Field Illusion

This one looks awesome! It’s also Google Earth capture that shows some big grass field from big distance. Looking at the logo below, I presume “Cardinals” are some baseball team in Europe. Not sure though. It was done in a same way as those crop circles. Some people have need to create colossal things that can be viewed even from space. Well, not actually space, but from sky. Great China wall, Pyramids of Egypt, Maxim’s anniversary magazine cover with Eva Longoria… etc. Mike, the guy who sent this also noticed it can represent a maze in crops. Could you figure your way through it? Remember, no “first comment” spamming ;)

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  1. The Cardinals are from St. Louis, Missouri. (They are a baseball team.) Very cool though… I wonder how they make that

  2. nice sarcasm lol…too bad not everyone got that you included it in your title…
    what happened to that waterfall pic?

  3. this is from a field just outside of St. Louis, as the lat. and long. indicate at the lower lefthand corner, besides the obvious fact that the Cardinals are such a great team they should have inspired this creation

  4. No coordinates! Is this another “moon star island” type photoshop deal? If there are no coordinates how can we verify if it is legit?

  5. What do you mean “no coordinates”??? They are right there on the bottom of the picture. If you want to “verify if it is legit” do this: click on image (to get enlarged image), write down coordinates, fire up Google Earth, go to coordinates and marvel at the legitimate Cardinals image. St. Louis Cardinals, World Champions of America.

  6. I thought this one was pretty cool and I verified it inside google maps. It is at the corner of John Creech Rd and Eagle Fork Ln. in Missouri.

  7. well that is pretty cool
    and there is one with like mona lisa
    on a field like this

    please can u find and publish that one !!!


  8. Haha “some baseball team in Europe. You must not be from the states Vurdlak. And also, with a little trimming, the outline of the field could like the U.S…or does it? Coincidence?

  9. Wow that had to have taken alot f time to make you know the whole making sure everything is in the right place and all. I’d like to learn how to do that.

  10. Pretty cool…hey the first comment thing worked!! lol. how is this an illusion? ive seen this kind of thing so many times

  11. Who writes this drivel? If you’re just going say “That’s so cool” please just forget it. And please learn how to form a coherent sentence. Please stop listening to Pres. Bush!

  12. uhhh
    why is it that you come off as completely braindead sometimes?–the cardinals won the freaking world series last year and this is a cool picture but not an optical illusion.

  13. I think it is one of those corn mazes but shaped like the cardinals’ logo. Although it is smaller and less complicated than the usual corn maze, it might be a mini or something.

  14. And I thought E.T. was making them. I wonder if it is in a flight path, so as planes fly over people see it looking out the window?

  15. first off, the cardinals are a baseball team from St. Louis, MO. Not only are they the second greatest team ever only behind the Boston Red Sox, but they are also the reigning world series champions. Do work son! arms like my rims! 22’s!!

  16. lol. All you have to do is go to google maps and search St Louis, Missouri, United States, Eagle Fork Ln. Its right there on the left side. Rofl that was awesome!!! Just like anonymous said… er… said. XD.

    Stop jumping to PHOTOSHOP conclusions just because it’s possible. >.>

  17. hey, canada is included too! and by canada, i mean a crappy team from toronto… truly is an international spectacle!

  18. how would oyu thinks that the cardinals are a european baseball team? the play cricket there and the cards won the world sries last year…. GO CUBS!!!!!

  19. “That wouldn’t be the ‘world series’ open exclusively to Americans would it? ;-)”

    the ‘world series’ is open to the rest of the world, because…. if anyone in europe or asia or where ever is a great baseball player, they would be playing in the US. so the world series in the USA represents the best in the world. Thats why when they have the international competition where all the different countries compete in the world. cuba usually does well. but people dont realize that all the good players from there, play in the united states during the regular season.

  20. Why add a comment if you haven’t read what other people have written? it just seems so stupid, your writing something that you expect others to read without reading their comments. Also why bother commenting if your American, it just confirms how stupid most of you are.

  21. @ anonymous 4:47 pm
    “special stuff that burns grass”….you mean fire?
    i dont think they burn the grass. they probably just use dirt and grow grass where it is appropriate like how they make normal baseball fields.
    im anonymous 4:44 btw

  22. PHOTO SHOPPED!!!!!!!! This is sooo fake… if any1 one of you can find this in google earth post the cords. this is clearly fake, people need to stop believing everything they see. jeeze!

  23. Can someone please look at the panhandle of Oklahoma on Google Earth? There’s weird “crop circles” there. Also, I checked out the coordinates and it’s real.

  24. I’m sorry but the Cardinals are in St Louis Missouri, just like every one has said. (Whoo go me, I live there!!)
    The won the World Series last year, although I don’t know why it’s called WORLD Series, it’s more USA Series. I like it even though it’s not much of an illusion

  25. All you people who say this is Photoshopped are not paying attention!! You can find this on Google Earth by searching for st. louis missouri eagle fork ln.

    Doesn’t anyone read other posts before sharing their ignorant opinions??

  26. This maze was planted in June of 2006, at Eagle Fork Farms, 65 Eagle Fork Lane, Moscow Mills, MO 63362
    For EAGLE FORK COUNTRY GIFTS & PUMPKIN FARMS. Maze designed & cut by PRECISION MAZES, LEE’S SUMMIT, MISSOURI. Farm is open in September & October with School Field Trips, Hayrides, CORN MAZE, Pumpkins and more. Located on Hwy 61 about 40 minutes from downtown St Louis. GO CARDS!

  27. wow. thats ahmazing!
    europe? =|
    the st. louis cards are the best baseball team EVER! even though they suck this year…BUT THEy WON THE WORLD SERIES LAST YEAR!
    woooo. yea. im from st. louis. hah.

  28. How is that fake? It’s on google earth. I think it’s real. Maybe someone did it for like, a halloween maze or something.

  29. This is real

    it is about 14 minutes away from my house in Wentzville Missouri

    I was going down highway 40 61 and it caught my eye if you do not believe it copy and paste this into the Search bar on
    Google maps

    CR-735/John Creech Rd @38.891837, -90.921328

  30. It’s the “World Series” because it was originally sponsored by the “New York World” newspaper (no longer published) and is named after the paper. The newspaper’s name was also the inspiration for “The Daily Planet” newspaper in the Superman comics.

  31. there is also 1 in Alabama..mi home town..if u go to priceville elementary school there is a cotton field..with the label cotton for shirts..and went to that skewl and never knew til now!

  32. These guys are corn maze makers. This is a corn maze, and they just created this to make it look like the cardinal’s logo.

  33. we don’t even have baseball in europe! At least i don’t tjink we do. Very good illusion, i also think that the field looks like U.S.A

  34. this is from the St. louis cardinals of st louis, missouri in the united states. jeez. the guy who wrote this is possibly retarded… i think thats what fields look like in the us? what a dipshit thing to say

  35. It’s just a corn maze, back in my home town they had one every year at the fall festival, I remember one year it looked like godzilla, it was actually kind of cool, they had 4 flags in the maze, and a race to be the first one to all 4 flags and out again, and a pumpkin catapult :D

  36. The Cardinals are an American baseball team from St. Louis Missouri. Great picture, not much of an illusion though. I had it as my desktop for a while.

  37. Seriously, he didn’t know the Cardinals are a baseball team in St.Louis, Missouri? Does he stay in his basement upgrading this website constantly,
    with no connection to the outside world? Just sad.

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