Candy Stripes Illusion

At first glaze you’ll probably see some different color stripes in this pic. You’ll see pink, blue, orange, green. Better look closer. Actually, the GREEN and the BLUE are of the same shade! If you bring your head closer to the screen, you’ll see that the green/blue stripes actually go across the entire image. This is an example of the strongest eye tricks that show us how surrounding colors can make their neighbour colors look completely different! This illusion was originally created by coolopticalillusions.

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  1. The whole trick here is the use of a technique known as retinal mixing. It is the nature of color to react to surrounding colors. This means that the color we think we see depends entirely on the entire color scheme used around it.

  2. oh… that’s cool! But I thought that they were two different shades of green, not green and blue. And to me, the pink looks purple. Is that the illusion or just my eyes? lol ;)

  3. agree with rayne. 2 diff shades, but if u put ur head a bit away from the screen, orange seems 2 be pink, and pink looks purple, or is that just me?

  4. huh???????? i don’t see anything…but the orange on the pink looks pink if you back away from the screan. Am i right????

  5. Its usual but amazing like magic: Choose a white area on your pc/tv screen, take a magnifying glass, and zoom it. You will see only coloured points, none of them white. Where is white color? It must be there, in fact! As you close the glass to the screen, points get smaller and voilĂ , white color appears when eyes mix all small colors. Your neurons think their own way, and many times you don’t notice it!

  6. Cool, I have great pictures of EPCOT (Disney World) and their beutiful (very) green gardens. I’d read somewhere that Kodak had desingned a special color pavement paint so the grass would look greener and, until today, coundn’t understand how.

  7. Well I am color blind so it all looks shades of green to me…. sorry to all of you that wanted this to be an explanation… :) :)

  8. Well, aparently I already commented on this one, but I must again. I took a test and I am NOT color blind so… Well that is very cool still. Ya. Love your posts. Read them all the time. On my iGoogle page.

  9. as long and hard as I satre at this, there’s still green and blue. or a lighter, greener green and more of a sea foam green. but diffrent shades. maybe it’s my computer. maybe it’s me. and I’d prolly call that pink magenta.

  10. This isn’t so much of the mind as your computer screen. The LCD’s appear different colours depending on where you look at them from (ie, below or above the screen). Anyone with an old CRT monitor would have trouble with this one working…

  11. @staticwolf
    It does not depend on the screen : you’ll have the exact same effect on an CRT.

    Basically, it’s not a “brain” effect, but an “eye” effect, because the melt of colors (which explain the effect) occurs directly on the retina, as soon as the definition of the picture is higher than the definition of the retina. (that’s why the effect can disapear when we look closer)

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