Canada Flag Afterimage

Obviously inspired by American flag afterimage, Amanda decided to make her very own Canada flag illusion. She has done a great work, I must say! This is what Amanda wrote (she is known by alias “Pandas” across our comment sections): “Hello. I’ve been looking at your site for a long time and I’ve seen the American Flag Optical Illusion, and decided to do one with Canada’s flag. It took me a while to make, so enjoy!” Afterimage illusions work in a way, where you stare at the center of the image for 40 seconds, then quickly look at the white surface. The negative image should appear right in front your eyes! In this case, fully colored original Canadian flag. Be sure to check Margaret Thatcher, Houdini, Batman, Santa Claus… and more in our Afterimage category.

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  1. If you look the point in the middle of the ilusionpicture 20seconde, and then if you look a white page you see the right colors of the canadian flag.

    Si vous regardez le drapeau du canada pendant environs 20s, regardez ensuite l’écran blanc à côté et vous verrez les vrais couleurs du canada à savoir blanc et rouge.

    Julien – Strasbourg – France

  2. the second anonymous from the top what it says in french, is
    “If you look at the flag of Canada during surroundings 20s, look at
    then the white screen at side and you will see truths colors of Canada
    to knowing white and red.” in english
    i think i like a boy.

  3. Great Canadian flag illusion. By the way. The USA is in Canada’s back yard. Just look far enough north. When you hit the Auroa you’re there.

  4. this is awesome.
    BTW whoever asked where Canda was sais CANDA NOT CANADA.
    it was a joke. hahaha.
    they do not live in europe.
    And yes it does blur my eyes too.

  5. It’s getting boring. YOU PEOPLE SHOULD STOP DOING THIS! It’s beginning to become unimaginative.

    Woah! I didn’t even notice Canada was spelled wrong until whoever put up the second post pointed that out. Thanks!

  6. As usual, Canada has to copy the US even in the simplest of things like optical illusions because they can’t do it on their own…. ;-)

  7. yo, if you do the american flag one first you can see the american flag thing in the canada flag while your staring at it. its pretty cool

  8. okay, everybody KILL “click me!” (no 24)

    Man, I’m offended and I’ve never even been to Canada!!

    But still… he/she has a point. EVERYONE copies America. At least in Australia – where I live – they seem to. Its REALLY ANNOYING.

    Just watch- there’ll be an Australian flag up next… hahahahaha.

  9. I did the American flag then the Canadian flag illusions a minute or so apart. As I stared at the Canada flag after image it morphed into the after image of the American flag. Don’t know if it will work for other people, but I found it amusing.

  10. The French translation that someone did was slightly wrong, lol, it didn’t need translating, they’d already put the English above it. (‘Environ’ means approximately, not surroundings
    Great illusion by the way, this site is great.

  11. I’m gonna make an Irish flag and dont ask where’s Ireland cus if you dont know youre pretty bad at geography.:-p. I don’t agree with “click me”(no.24) not everyone copys America

  12. It worked for me. A Canadian flag for the Canadians (like me!) Really cool, I gotta try both the American and Canadian at the same time…love this site!

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