Can You Believe These Are Flat?

Check out these 3D pencil drawings I just stumbled upon! They were done by a Chilean artist who calls himself “Fredo”. He is “just” an ordinary 17-year-old prodigy, who draws objects that look like they’re about to jump off the page! Just by looking at his art, can you differentiate what’s real and what’s not? It takes Fredo anywhere from just 30 minutes, to as much as few months to create a single piece! Though there is no doubt he has been inspired by artists, such as M.C. Escher, Fredo’s art definitely has a modern twist. Some of his drawings feature creepy goblins holding physical objects like a lighter or reaching out of the page for a soda can!

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  1. For the elephant one I was like “Whuuuut???!!!” He uses 3d objects to reinforce the illusion! I wanna try it too!

    1. Who gives a f*ck that it’s a junkie! It’s still a work of art! I suppose that offends you? Give credit where credit’s due,not criticize.

  2. I don’t mean to be annoying but just in case you didn’t see this on the other post……

    ok so i took this pic i took not knowing how it looked. when i downloaded it to my computer i realized how confused my brain got when i looked at it. so the only reason this picture works is because i balanced the chair perfectly on two legs, i took a pic with my camera at its angle not knowing creating this illusion
i hope you like it and i also hope you post it :)
the link to the pic i took (i had to make a website to be able to show you) is…… please look at this thanks for your time

    PS this was not photoshopped

  3. I go to an art school and just HAD to share this with fellow classmates. Gosh I wish I could draw like that! Thanks for posting!

  4. I know I usually only comment when I question something, but these are some of the most increadible drawings I have ever seen. Very impressive.

  5. Actually, I can believe they are flat…I don’t see them really popping out like I know they should, I do see them as flat pieces of paper. I also have no depth perception so that’s probably why, but since I know what it’s supposed to look like, I can make myself see some bit of 3D, but I really have to focus :/

    They’re still amazing, though :D

  6. studying the first one I see the tape that makes the 3d affect even more real, it brings the off the page in front of the binding of his drawing pad, studying each detail i discover a lot of tricks to the success of his drawings. thanks for sharing them..awesome

  7. damm these are amazing. the elephant one and the last one have to b my favorite but they all are just truely amazing. and just 17 years old, WOW

  8. the 6th picture cant b flat bcoz it is off the paper!!!!!!! not so much an illusion is it? check it b4 you paint it or put it on the internet OMG but they r all really good still especially the dinasour one

  9. Absolutely genius, this guy is going somewhere. The art is indeed realistic and i love how he uses real life objects to enhance his art and illusion.

  10. in the 2nd pic -it is obvious the 6th finger\pinky is clearly drawn-different shade-pencile\graphite colour\tone-blurry and slightly out of perportion-the rest of hand is clearly a photo with the ‘cut’ finger bent-UNDER A dead giveaway-the drawn finger\6th-pinky]castS a shadow-all the OTHER FINGERS should as well-BUT DONT=this is because the shadow on the pinky is drawn also

  11. The hand is real, but the little finger and the severed finger is drawn, as is the eraser… :)

    Clever use of props enhances depth and realism…

    Me thinks…

  12. If anybody’s upset about him losing that finger, don’t be — he’s still got a full set without it. Didja notice? (I didn’t, the first time I looked at it.)

  13. I had to come back and comment ’cause I went back and read the other comments, and noticed ppl mentioning the hand being real. So, I had to go back, and damn sho right that just made this art unexplainable in words.

  14. dats 100% 3rd artwork man, excellent , i really enjoy goin thru the pexels tym nd again… nd am asking my self so many coflicting questions abut how u produced a masterpeice lyk dat..,

  15. Fredo, this is amazing! Please contact me if you’ve got no sponsorship right now! Find me on facebook: ANIWURA OMOLAYO.

    My favourites: the elephant, the man crawling out, the injured hand and the one with a crocodile.


  16. Oh My this is vool I’ve never seen some of these ones before very clever I wish you can come over here to Nw Zealand and do these kinds of things here cuase this is very cool

    1. Thats probably why the artist explained that the hand was HIS and only drew the pinky and severed pointer finger!

  17. The last one reminds me of a song “i dug a deep black hole in my soal and I jumped right in, saw myself climbing out as i was climbing in”.
    great song, I just stoped in to see what condition my condition was in.

  18. These are just optical illusions. The hand with five of its fingers are real, check the base of the severed finger and you will notice that it is swollen and much bigger than the rest. The sixth finger is not real, check the difference i

  19. These are just optical illusions. The hand with five of its fingers are real, check the base of the severed finger and you will notice that it is swollen and much bigger than the rest. The sixth finger is not real, check the difference in the coloration of the fifth and sixth finger and you will see the difference. There is also a difference in depth.

    1. That’s because the hand is not his…it’s another person below reaching up to add Un-expect-ability to the reality…yes he is a Genius and knows how to set a pic with Mystery and additional possibilities…wonderful gift…

  20. The hand one with the decapitated finger is bogus. Two fingers are drawn the rest is his own hand. Take a closer look.
    The rest are good.

    1. That’s what it’s meant to be surely – just as in one he has a real lighter, in another he has a real can. In this one he has real hand. It’s not ‘bogus’ because he’s not claiming he drew the whole hand. The fun is seeing where drawing stops and reality begins.

  21. Amazing work!! So much talent, can’t wait to see more as he develops his skills.
    Pateena> the hand was very obviously his own, except for the 6th finger, and the severed one. It was the severed finger that was the focus in that piece.
    My favorites, the elephant, and then the wee lizard.

  22. WoW!! This is absolutely incredible, more so to me than you know. I’ve been losing my vision to Retinitis Pigmentosa for years now, there is no cure and I should have been completely blind 25 yrs ago according to my doctors but I’ve still sight in my right eye. I’ve never been able to see anything in 3D prior to now. We go to movies and there are the video games which use 3d as part of the game so I’ve felt kind of like on the outside looking in with my husband and my kids. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very supportive but it’s hard to relate. This is the first time I’ve seen something which is supposedly a ‘figure’ which I couldn’t believe was actually flat drawing.
    Thank you so very much for sharing these,
    you’ve really made my day.
    God Bless,

  23. Definitely a talent worth showing off. A career in fine arts or graphic design for gamingi suppose. Keep it up and good luck.

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