Camouflaged Horses Magic Illusion

How many horses can you find in this classic piece of art? I’m not sure what’s the name of this artist, but the image is great! Much fun. Post your findings in comments section, and don’t forget to check “How Many Faces”, “Dolphins Illusion”, “Pandas Illusion”, “Coffe Bean Man”, “Virgin’s 75 Bands”… more in sidebar, “Spot The Object” section!

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  1. It’s from a book called “Visions: The Art of Bev Doolittle”

    Or at least, it’s the first page of that book.

  2. There’s 5, lol, wel at least looking straight at it, i dunno if there are hidden top and bottom, i remember a kids book similar to this, from when i was young called Puzzle Island, that was fun, lol.

  3. Many people only spot 4, until someone says ‘I’ve spotted 5!’ Then, people will look frantically for 5, because they think that there are 5 there.

  4. Fantastic! I found 4 faces and one back until I read Crissy’s comment and found a face to match the back.

  5. Here’s a clearer and larger version of this art piece:

    I see 5 horses, but can only count 17 legs (16 that are obvious, and one to the far right edge—on the smaller horse, only partly showing). Perhaps this is artistic license—more feet might have cluttered the image.

    On a somewhat related vein concerning artistic license, take a look at the famous painting, The Peasant Wedding, by the 16th century painter Peter Bruegel. On the right there is a man in red carrying the large tray. He seems to have an extra foot!

  6. I think the artist, Bev Dolittle, should be noted when her work is being used. She has created illusionary works for YEARS and deserves recognition. As a fellow artist, I would be very upset to create something so complex and not be credited.

  7. Jaime’s right its 4 horses and a foal. Dont bother counting legs as some are hidden behind other horses, and one of the foal’s legs is out of the frame.

  8. I see horses. Now sea horses. I just saw horses. I’m waiting for clothes horses.

    I agree don’t count the legs… I get 17 legs.

  9. i see five!!!!

    i got it in a email ages ago lol my friend said in the email that se spotted eight…… but she lies alot!!

  10. I can only see five but the PPS that was sent claims there are seven. I consider myself pretty observant and this is cheesing me off – if anyone can see seven please tell me what quadrants you can find the other two in.

  11. I found 5 but dude do you know if you can get this one in a print? like a poster… because Im a horse fanatic and I soooo want that on my wall

  12. i’m so glad that you are using some bev dolittle* cuase she is an amazing artist. she has some really puzzling work

    good job,a nd keep up with all the great illusions

  13. I saw five…start on the left, and you see one…then right under 1 is the tail of the second one…then if you see the face…below and a little to the right you see the face of the third one. Then directly above 3’s head you see four. Then if you follow the body of four and right nevt to the front right leg (our right) you see the baby which is five!!!

  14. The artist is Bev Doolittle… it’s part of her “Camouflaged Art” released in the early nineties….excellent…! Her best one was called “The forest has eyes!” JJ

  15. there are 5 horses cause if you count all the faces you will see 4 brown faces and one white face on the far right hand side of the pic

  16. there are 5 i see but i think theres one thats “the hard one” to find theres also a bear and a raccoon in the picture

  17. erm… is it my imagination?

    i not only see horses, i saw there’re other animals hiding in it too…

    is it just me? o.o

  18. 5, little baby w/ white head on far left, then adult right next to her w/ head up, then there’s the two other adults on the left, far left with head straight up, then the one to the right of that with head slightly down, then the one that’s hard to see is the one with it’s head parallel with the ground smack dab in the center

  19. THis reminds me of a picture I used to have that my dad bought me. It’s kind of like this, but it’s a full framed photo, not just a picture. It also had brown horses hidden, but over the glass it had “gold” metal that divided it into six parts. Three on top, three on bottom. Does anyone know who it was by?

    There was also another one I had, where it was a forest scene with people on foot and on horses with faces hidden everywhere in the picture. Does anyone know who that was by as well?

    Thank you very much, and I really loves this site. The random illusion button is nice, but I like the one at the bottom of each post better. =)

    — Merci

  20. just to let u ppl know!..ive seen this b4 & play this game the answer is really 7 horses! not 2 not 4 not 5 or 6 its 7 ppl!!!!

  21. on the upper right hand corner there’s a rock and it looks like there’s a skull on the left side of it o.0

  22. Perhaps all of you ‘gifted ones’ claiming to see more than 5 horses might actually be kind enough to point out where these additional horses are, rather than simply stating the unusual number that you ‘spotted’?

  23. I saw 7. I tell you how. See, 5 horses are clearly seen in the pic. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5. Now, look carefully between pic 1 and 2, you will see face of a horse looking backward. Similarily, there is a horse between fig. 2 & 3, touching its mouth to horse No. 2. If you watch carefully, you will see all the 7 horses!!!!

    1. ummmmmmm, Rajiv… can you see the face of a horse that is facing backwards??? and im sure i can see 6….it’s probably just me being stupid but im sure, if you look behind the horse second from the left you can see along the back/spine of another horse…..but its not very proofable etc.

  24. I counted 6 horses in the “Camaflouged” picture, of Random Illlusions–there were five full sized horses, and 1 colt. I found it really neat–loved the picture! Would be interested in knowing the Artist’s name!

  25. There are three clumped in the left side. If you see the obvious big one, look on both sides of the chest and you’ll see the heads of two of the colts. On the right they’re more spread out: there’s the big one that takes up most of the right side of the picture and right where his/her tail is, you’ll find the head of the next. That’s all that I see, though, so I’m not as optically gifted as I wish to be :(

  26. 6 horses in all. originally, when you don’t really look at the picture, you see two or three. then look in between the two over to the right. there’s 2. then on the horse farthest to the right, there’s a small one. your welcome people who say they can’t find ’em!

  27. there is one in da middle and one is underneath its head and over its bodaii. the other two are right next to it: the head of the bigger horse is right next to the one in da middle and the foal (SOO CUUTTEE) is near the bellaii of its parent :))

  28. I can only find 5 also, so I counted the legs and there are 20. if you do the math 4 legs per horse, 20 legs equals 5 horses.

  29. I once met this artist at a showing near
    Valencia, CA – Her name is Beverly Doolittle
    100% sure- I should have purchased one of her paintings then -(20 yrs. ago)

  30. There are only five horses. (3 adult horses, one colt and one foal) This Bev Doolittle ‘Pintos’ piece is being confused with an illusion by Jim Warren that is called ‘7 horses’ that actually has 7 horses to discover. I added that pic.

  31. There are only five horses. (Three adults, one colt and one foal) This Bev Doolittle ‘Pintos’ piece is being confused with an illusion by Jim Warren that is called 7 horses that actually has seven horses to discover; Pictured below.

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