Camouflaged Cats Illusion

Ok, this time, I bring you ‘Camouflaged Cats’, they are two different pictures of two different cats that are camouflaged. Your job is to find them. I think this one belongs in the ‘Spot the Object‘ category. Now, what really gives the first one is it’s eyes, the second one is probably because it’s fur is a bit less grayish than where it is… I think that the first cat is better camouflaged than the second one, which one do you think is better hidden? – Pablo

Meg Staggs, the submitter wrote: “I have been “reading” this optical illusions blog for a while now. It has always been an addiction of mine – thank you for filling our need for great illusions with such quality material! Three points will tell you why I love these images I sent: 1) I love Holstein cows (Black & White or White & Black), 2) I love cats of almost any kind, 3) I love camouflage illusions! First picture is a pretty good one, though fairy easy to solve, and the second is a really good one (If not for the eyes and the bottom of the paw, it would be really tricky). I hope they can be of use to you – (That is, unless you have them both already!).”

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  1. U have 3 concentrate a lil’ on the 1st 1, but the others r easy.
    I just LOVE cats, ther so cute!Does any1 here thinks the same?

  2. kitty cat, u put ‘3 concentrate’ instead of ‘2 concentrate’ lol XD
    these r seriously sweet! so kl.
    wild cats – like lynx’s and stuff – r my fav animal, so yeh i do think the same as u Kitty cat! lol
    first pic quite hard to c, second easy, and third obviously very easy, but still all three r amazing! =D

  3. The white space in the middle of the first photo is cat shaped. It looks like a cat is walking away diagonally sniffing the ground. You can see the tail an the head clearly, but it’s better to look further away than close up because it lacks detail. That’s what I thought the illusion was.

  4. i think the blogger messed up the numbers, the third one would be hard cuz if not the eyes and bottom of paw not second, or mebbe every1 just forgot to address the first picture…wtv the reason its kinda confusing

  5. kitties are evil!!! they poop all over the place! CAN’T YOU SEE IT’S WORLD DOMINATION THEY WANT?!?!?! AAAAAAHH….!!

    1. No it is not!!! Cats are amazing! Don’t diss the cats or they will get you first…. LOL

  6. Yeah… the 1st one is just the same as the last one… But even if they wouldn’t show us the third one. I’ve already seen it before I scrolled down to see the other two… The whiskers gives it away…

  7. They are so adorable!! Cats!! I have some at home. oldest youngest! Girls named Isabella, Hermione, Ginny, Clove, Katniss Boys named Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Cato, Peeta

    Isabella, Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Hermione, Ginny, Cato, Clove, Peeta, and Katniss. They are all adorable!! My mom and Dad love cats. So does my five brothers and sisters so yeah!! 11 cats and counting!!

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