Camel Cigarettes Illusion

This photo was pointed out by user called R-Sharp. It’s very similar to that Coca-Cola illusion, where rude image was implemented by graphic artist into their promotional poster. I would like to post that illusion as well, but it wouldn’t be suitable for young children, so I didn’t. Below you can see one with Camel Cigarettes pack. Luckily, this was appropriate enough for me to post. Almost everyone saw this Camel pack, but probably wasn’t aware that in something as simple as Camel fur, one can recognize things which aren’t really there. Many things have been written about what can be seen below, but I found one rather interesting shape – A Manneken Pis (Grote Markt in Brussels). It looks just too similar to be coincidence. Be sure to look at the front legs of the camel and you will see the peeing boy – the national symbol of Belgium. Cool, huh? I posted outlined hidden meaning inside the post. Similar hidden meaning can be found in these paper bills.

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  1. that’s really funny that this is the illusion of the day. we were just talking about subliminal messages in my psychology class and the camel was one of them. only my teacher said it was a man with an erection.

    1. That is not all that cigarette pack can give away from the other secrets it has.
      If you watch the back leg and the tail of the camel with seeing the its back you will notice a jumping Lion.

      Now between these two you will see a Skull.For this you have to turn the pack 180 degrees around.

      Now for the joke part.

      This is what you will ask to a friend of yours.
      Where would you spend the night if you have to spend it in the desert?
      In the oasis? Under the Camel? or in the Pyramides?

      You let them tell you wich one they prefer.

      Now you tell them…

      Well i would make a few kilometers more and go sleep in the city hotel.

      Where is that? just turn the pack to see what is has drawed on his back . :-)

      Sky [img],r:9,s:23&tx=80&ty=69[/img]

  2. Weird, I only see those two first comment in my comment box and not on the page…. Well, kewl. I haven’t commented before on any illusions, the site is great. i like the scariest optical illusion one. REALLY freaky. This illusion is cool, I don’t look at the camel cigarette boxes, so I wouldn’t know. (I never wanna smoke) It’s cool. Never knew that simple items like that could be illusions. I’m wondering if those are photoshopped… Maybe not. Well, cool.

  3. Ive actully known this for years now and I learned about it in Ad desgin class in higschool. Actaully its all about subliminal messages and to target a certain group of ppl. If you watch ppl who smoke camels you’ll find that a good handful are women a target group perhaps. Oh and its not a young boy peeing its a man with an erection. Good to know that ppl finally notice this its just a perfect example of subliminal messages.

  4. I don’t think Photoshop was around yet when we first discovered Manneke Pis on these cigarette packages. My mother smoked them in the early seventies when we first discovered it. It’s kinda nostalgic to see this post here and now, great!

  5. OK, I agree this is a tad interesting. But as an illusion, per se, not. More accurately: an interpretation. I have two men here with me: one regularly smoke Camel cigs about 20 years ago (pre “Joe Cool” camel packaging) who claims that he sees something different; the other: he currently has smoked Camels for many, many years and he said if you want to the Peeing Boy of Belgium, than why ask a psychiatric patient to identify an inkblot? Perhaps allowing viewers the chance to give their personal interpretations would be more accurate, entertaining, and reasonable.

  6. theres also a lion, the tail is the lion’s tail and the hump is the mane and the center of the mane you can see a lion head

  7. I think it is more likely that there is the skeleton which is visible. Even whether i think it is not the expression the company would like to reach but i think it seems like the camel dies because of smoking :D

  8. have you seen the little mermaid illusion…. the very first little mermaid ever made had a “male part” on the cover and within the movie there were various references to it, such as a priest with u know what hanging out.

  9. ah ha i am a camel smoker and have known of this for years. if you look at the back end of the camel you will all so see a lion, it looks like its humping the camel… and a mate of mine years ago mentioned that there was another one in there some place but i cant remember where!

  10. I Know that there’s a man with an erection, a Lion in the hump, the tail and the back leg; and a man sitting with his elbows in his knees beside a lake… he’s just below of what would be the lion.

  11. Its disturbing to think that any national symbol is a urinating boy. Unless we are talking about Vatican City, then I wouldn’t doubt it.
    (ya ya ya, Vatican City isn’t a nation)

  12. There are many images imbedded within the Camel art. I was a consumer of the product many years ago. I can’t even remember some of the images but one that is easy to see when you know it’s there is the lion on the camels back. It appears to be “mating” with the camel the legs are aligned and the lion head is the camel hump (excuse the pun).

  13. Actually, it can be presumed that people will see what they want to see. As in fact, if the target consumer group were that of Males, the obvious representation would be Joe Cool…but hidden on the pack, of the fore leg, was actually a nude woman posed seductively. The company that produces Camel cigarettes knows, as well as any other successful company, one simple advertising fact. Sex Sells.

  14. Correct! It suggests a nude woman and notice the lion at the rear encompassing the camels tail, rear leg and hump.

  15. Also, on the side of the Camels pack it says “CHOICE”

    Look at that side, upside down in a mirror, and it still says “CHOICE”.

    Choice is the most important word in all human language.

  16. This is actually an anti-smoking illusion. The little boy peeing is trying to put out the cigarette so the smoker won’t get lung cancer and die a slow, painful death.

  17. I need some of the pot you guys are smoking…LOL Now that you mentioned it I see them. But, for real who sits and stares at a pack of smokes ?? LoL

  18. My dad told me about this in the 60’s, as he was a TRUE CAMEL SMoKER ….. the boy is “pissing” behind the PYRamid !!!

  19. no question about this. it is indeed Manneken pis (translated, little pissing man)and a lion. Subliminal? tagetting certain groups? none of it all. The designer of this package was a Belgium guy born in Brussels hence the two brussel connections in the picture. it is NOT…i repeat..NOT a man with an erection

  20. Hmmm look i think many people try to find something thats match to something.i dont think this is a illusion or massage i think its imagination from someone and he pass his imagination to us for some reason.if i take a picture of a mountain and i will draw a naked women then you will tell.god is pervent

  21. What BS CRAP… I’ve seen and talked about this figure on the camel all my life and I’m in my mid fifties now. I’ve talked with people even when I was a kid and they told us about the “NAKED WOMAN” on the front leg of the camel. How did you ever come up with a peeing boy?

    It’s been shown around the world as a naked woman even before I was born.

    I was smoking Camel “STUDS” when I was eleven years old.

  22. Someone has to point out that much of what’s being discussed here is covered in great detail in Tom Robbins’ novel “Still Life With Woodpecker” (a love story set inside a package of Camel cigarettes). Rather surprised I’m the first to be pointing this out.

    And yes, Jack, CHOICE is a very important word. As are “plagiarism” and “citation”.

  23. If you look were the camels belly meets the back leg you can see where the man is going to put his errection. it can bee said that we see what we want to see but it looks like female legs wide open to me and to others I know as well. never noticed the lion before though. thanks.

  24. the artist who drew this illustration was one of my art professors at Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. Knowing him, I can tell you that this was not an accidental image.

  25. ha – i have some of the cocacola posters – they do exist !! put out in the early 90’s in Oztralia and New Zealand . the artists was sacked and they raced around removing thousands of them from shops

  26. This story sparked a flashback to the illustration on the Camel Cash coupons that used to come with the smokes. Just went to the garage and checked the Joe’s Tackle Shop sticker on my tackle box. Sure enough, I could plainly see a set of mature male genitals for his nose and mouth. Weird stuff out there….

  27. You forgot about the leaping lion. There is a lion leaping toward the peeing boy…the camel’s tail is the lion’s tail, the camel’s hump is the lion’s mane, and the camel’s back leg is the lion’s back leg. The lion’s front paws are outstretched almost touching the boy’s face.

  28. The org. pack had a nude man on the hind leg of the camel…when it went public in the 70’s they changed the package…and came out with Joe’s camel head as a Ad..for the brand..from Winston-Salem NC…had friends that worked in plant and office…and ones that have the org..package cigs..are sitting on a gold mine..

    1. il go even further 1957 and its still the same and where would you go for water on the front of the pack you would go around the corner to the hotel on the back of the pack so many differant things on the camel pack!!

  29. I never knew about the lion or the peeing boy…I’ve always seen the man on the front leg pointed out and on the hind leg the woman bent forward with her hands resting palms down and her hair flowing behind her

  30. as a kid this is what i heard, instead of a peeing kid its a lady figure and on the back legs should be a male figure and the name CAMEL had a meaning, went like this: Can Adam Make Eve Love Like Eve Made Adam Come lol it was a trip as a kid cuz i do see the gurly figure as for the male one i forgot how they described it to me and now a days cant see em at all but never the less trippy!

  31. I always thought it was an adult man wearing a turban with an erect penis. But if you say otherwise then so be it. I like my story better though.

  32. there is also a woman… hind legs of camel; her knee is camel’s.. facing inward. tail is perfectly positioned.. she is bending over & caressing the earth/globe/hump (north pole/ akashic records ? ).. hair flowing downward.. I Am An ex-RJR Tobacco Rep.. & this was never mentioned.. I ‘saw’ this recently & internet search shows No Other Mention.. my contacts w/RJR will not reply to my messages & inquiries .. LOL.. btw; I also noticed the head is ET head; 3/4 profile (movie version ) :-) … Now? what’s the deal w/3 palm trees ? one last btw: David Icke’s pg deleted this ‘mention’ about the same time he ‘disappeared’ .. wth?

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