Burial Ceiling: Anti-Smoking Campaign


Have you seen some of these painted ceilings in your home-town? As you might have guessed, the idea of this anti-smoking campaign is to drive attention and shock. Murals are painted on ceilings in smoking rooms, giving you impression you are inside the grave, and when you look up, you see the burial from the dead man’s point of view. Open this article for more simmilar pictures.

  • that’scool

    wow. what an awesome idea for an anti-smoking campain. any smoker who sees that will probably be shocked.


  • Postmaster

    that mustve been real effective.

  • Alain Arseneau

    those are awesome! hope to teach those smokers a lesson! :P

    • lilgtogirl

      I don’s smoke, but the animosity towards people who do is astounding. It does not affect you. If people want to smoke, drink, own guns, eat McDonald’s every day, have a dog, buy a fur coat, do a little weed – MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS. Most of you can barely run your own lives, don’t tell others how to do it!

    • bunni

      I can honestly say it does affect non smokers lilgtogirl. I am allergic to cigerette smoke in particular and have ended up in the hospital from just leaving the movies and having to walk from the theater to my car because of all the smoke…
      5 hospital visit and a huge doctor bill are how its affected me along with damnaging my lungs to were my breathing compasity is less then it is now. if you haven’t been affected good for you but i have and i’m not the only one.

  • Lynette

    Pretty neat murals but I guess all the non-smokers will see this view as well someday.

  • rach4steve

    dats creepy

  • Connie

    That is such a cool idea! They should have it here in New Jersey.

  • Jason Wertenberger

    I’m not even an anti-smoker, but thats pretty damn cool!



  • i rock

    wow thats freaky

  • CHIC

    oh wow i like that a lot,
    it should tech those jerks a lesson

    bad smokers
    shame on you

  • Robert

    I used to be a smoker and while these images are cool, they wouldn’t have made any difference to me as a smoker. People don’t quit because of clever gimmicks or those stupid anti-smoking campaign commercials.

  • psrvan

    With an open roof, the guys on top will soon fall in bcoz of all that passive smoking…

  • Michal

    CHIC, and others who say smokers are bad… learn to let people live their lives how they want to.

    Peace, Love, Happiness…


  • Ray

    It might not make someone QUIT smoking, but anti-smoking campaigns are really effective at keeping people from STARTING, and isn’t THAT the most effective way to ‘quit?’ (To never start in the first place?) We do need to start somewhere, and starting with the next generation of ‘would-be smokers’ is the best place!! Besides, they are just too clever to bad-mouth.

  • Randall

    … that would freak me into wanting a smoke to be honest
    Just talking with a friend
    “Oh no buddy.. looks like we’re dead” -he points up-
    “Gah! I need a cig.”

  • Gangsta

    it is a stupid idea because it will make more peapole want to go in the smoking room to see the roof.

  • xraex

    I totally agree with what Ray(4) and Robert(1) said.

  • Cecile

    Creepy but effective.

  • M 2 the H O

    i no,
    im lame

  • Saskkat,

    I am a Smoker, and I have to admit If I saw that I would be looking for some place else to smoke, or be butting out in a big hurry.
    That would be creeping me out big time.
    Very effective. They out to have that everywhere Makes you think BIG TIME.

    Saskatoon, Sk

  • Broccoli

    That must have been quite a shock for the person smoking!

  • James

    I loooooove smoking

  • janette

    i agree with roy people should just not start but that does look pretty affective. and creepy.

  • Danny

    I wouldn’t say this is too shocking. It’s just impressive.
    So impressive I need a smoke :)

  • ana-may

    wat lesson exactly am i suppose to be learning here. i understand the CONCEPT behind the SHOCK value. but those murals do nothing for or to me. the move me not one iota. ima smoke because im over 18 and can make decision for myself. IMA BIG GIRL :) as a deterrent to teens maybe but death is a INEVITABLILIY that most adults have come to terms with. you can get cancer just by being in the sun too long remember, or standing in front of the microwave.

  • holli

    I like the thought of doing this. but, I do not smoke though I have friends that do.

  • Pandas

    i really dont think it will have much of an effect on the smokers. they would just be all like, “hey look at that cieling. pretty cool”

    • Miss Anne Thropee

      It is spelled Ceiling, and I don’t think the fact that people whom smoke (just like you prolly can’t go without your phone for an hour) are ‘stupid’ as you have portrayed it as such.

  • meeow

    I agree with Pandas

  • Phantom

    This will not keep people from starting as people who have seen it will most probably have already started. They’re in smoking rooms remember.

  • Gamernotnerd

    Hey Alain Arseneau it’s not the smokers fault

  • Anonymous

    seriously, what is the deal with smoking. People need to realize that people have in dividual rights and freedoms. I know many of you aren’t from America and can have the same freedoms we have. People need to stop trying to ban smoking in America, our country was built on the principles of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. I know a bunch of flaming liberals are going to disagree and say,” Second hand smoke kills!” I know this is true, many tests have been done to prove this. Then just leave. People need to start learning to respect peoples rights and freedoms instead of doing random stuff like this to try and limit the freedoms we already have.

  • clever fox

    omg this wasnt meant to cause an argument. this was a cool illusion. calm down people.

  • annoyed. very annoyed

    Just wanted to say some things…

    1. To “anonymous” no.31 at 8:03 pm,
    I grovel at your feet, O Mighty American, for I have none of your wonderful rights!
    Wake up, and you might notice that you don’t have all the ‘freedom’ you think you do.
    And ‘flaming liberals’? -Ouch.

    2. To “ana-may”,
    Microwaves DONT give you cancer, without sunlight we would all DIE and smoking can KILL you a hundred different ways besides cancer.

    But hey, death is an ‘inevitabilily’, so we might as well all kill ourselves now, right?

    I’m not saying you guys cant smoke. I just reckon it’s really, really dumb tell others it is not a bad thing.

    That’s all. Hope someone actually reads this…

    • Annie

      ok Annoyed. Very Annoyed, you are RIGHT. my mom stands in front of the microwave all the time when shes cookiing somethin for my little brother ( we both too young to use microwave.. we might burn ourselevs ) and she hasnt gotten cancer, and when i see smoke, learn someone in my family got cancer, or some other disease, i get really scared.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is quite sick. First, you shouldn’t tell people what is and what isn’t good for them, and then to add a shock-effect like this, it’s just sick. I like the paintings themselfs, but as a campaign against smoking, I think it’s quite sick.

  • Anonymous

    wow, photoshopped all the way no doubts, but that is reeelee coolio

  • Anonymous

    I dunno why some of you are saying we should just let them smoke because i dont really care for you but i care for my friends and family and i dont want them to suffer because you want to light one up…it affects more than just you.

  • Matt

    Deja Vu!!!!!!!!!
    LOL!! 0_o

  • Abrc08

    that’s great! that should stop my dad from smoking!

  • bob

    well…if i were a smoker it would definately get me to stop

  • Ken Spruill

    Just want to see them put this over the junk food isles in the store, or in the roofs of the ABC stores…. How about painted inside the tanning beds…. Could put it just about anywhere…. First they came after the smokers but i didn’t say or do anything because i was not a smoker…. then…. Anyways, Im tired so, :}

  • yay 40th comment!

    ban smoking! nehehehehe!

  • Marduk37

    what mean this to me if i dont smoke i life endless????

  • jaydon

    hi i like pie leave a reply if you do to

  • Melanie Ross

    naaaahhhh…you fascists should get another thing to forbid…like stupidity. I’m gonna have a smoke.

  • pop

    i like # 1 says pop

  • Fred


  • inmyshoes

    Thats why Im getting cremated.

  • Lisa

    HAHAHAHA!!! I want to put that on the ceiling in the guest bedroom! Right over the bed, LOL! (puffs on electronic cigarette and walks away)

  • Miss Anne Thropee

    Might I just simply add…WE ALL DIE! Some of you act as if you going to live forever…and ONLY smokers die.
    And I am willing to bet my lily-white-arse that the ones that are the biggest ‘advocates’ of their high and mighty attitude of ‘Smokers being stupid'(???)are prolly part of what is now the biggest problem that is really killing people young is obesity.

    Get off your damned preachers pulpit, and just enjoy the fact that if you are lucky, you will have enough $$$ to afford a ground burial, and better yet, have that many people attending it.

    (I hear that Lisa…)

  • ramadhan

    for better health..

  • lol


  • Jabbot

    The thing is, that we all die. Smokers or not, 10 years earlier or later.. whatever.

    But current moral makes you think, that if you’re a good boy — listen to your mom/pay taxes/do not smoke/eat 5 fruits etc. — you will live forever.
    That is not true, the grave is waiting you anyway.

    Its probably stupid to shorten your life with your own hangs(like smoking or reckless driving), but its even worse to forget about death. A great chance of disappointment :(

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