87 Replies to “Building Illusion”

  1. you can accually see every number.
    if you look at your alarm clock off. the leds are in a 8 shape.
    and you can turn it into any number.
    so your all right!!


  2. The guy who said 9.11.01 should be shot. we don’t need to remember all the bad things that happened then, only to remember the people that died that time aND WE SHOULD GET REVENGE for them…..
    I’m totally kidding. i’m a bored, lonely person looking for something ti do.

  3. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 112, 1121, 11211, 115, 1151, 11511, 113, 1131, 11311, 114, 1141, 11411, 21, 211, 51, 511, 31, 311, 41, 411, etc.

  4. I see Paris Hilton dressed like a Nun holding a baby in her right hand and a Box turtle in the left there is 27 roses around her feet and a Scottish thistle in her mouth. Meaning people will see what they want to in this one ..Thats what makes it a very good Optical Illusion.

  5. I agree that it depends on the specific contextualized definition of number,
    but I’m having a really hard time seeing anything other than 11:11
    How should i look at it to see the other numbers?

  6. its all the numbers
    UR ALL RIGHT!!!!!
    apart from sparkle
    i mean paris hilton as a nun wtf?

  7. I see the numbers one two five six and nine. you can see 6 and 9 if you look at the middle column up and look at the gray parts next to it.

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