Buddha’s Hollow Face Optical Illusion

Why is this Buddha smiling? Can anyone tell me? Last year, while I was on my Student journey to Greece, Santorini I saw exact copy of this awesome 3D “painting” in the shop window of some souvenir store. How amazed was I when I found this photo online. If I hadn’t experienced the effect in real life, I would never have noticed the original illusion it hides. I’ve browsed YouTube for a while, and found the clip I wanted to share. The hollow face Buddha illusion works like this: the face of the Buddha is 3D, which can be easily seen from the photo. What isn’t so obvious, is that the face is in fact concave (hollow). When you move around the sculptured painting (in real-life), you get the impression that Buddha is following you, turning it’s head in your direction, and always starring directly to your eyes. The effect is really amazing. The principle is similar to Little Dragon illusion, The Big Dragon Illusion, and few dozen more. Most examples can be found inside the Videos category. You might also wanna check Einstein’s Hollow Face video.

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  1. Mr. Vurdlak i have a question for you. If i submit an illusion would you post it or would you be like “no way”?

  2. Disneyland imagineers pioneered this technique on the Haunted Mansion ride about 40 years ago. There are busts on posts that watch you because they are concave.

  3. Great illusion, although somewhat politically incorrect; I don’t think Buddha was chubby, that’s a common misconception. (Or so I’ve been told – it’s possible I’m wrong…)

  4. Vivian, you are right. Buddha fasted all the time and believed in a life of contemplation.
    Also for all of you who think that Buddhists believe in Buddha as God, you are incorrect, for he actually was an atheist.
    nice illusion

  5. Have you ever heard about Leonardo da Vinci and his “Gioconda”?
    She always looks at you, turnin’ her eyes in your direction…
    (and Leonardo died in the 1519…)

  6. hahaha. i love these things. my friend had one of a phero(is that how you spell it?) i stood infront of it moving around the room for ages.

  7. I’m Sorry but i have to say it was quite obvious that it was concave rather than convex or even flat, The position of the light and shadow on the top and sides of the head gave it away, Looks awesome never the less :)

  8. This buddah is freaaaaky isn’t he supposed to bring peace and unselfishness to people? This one just brings me nightmares any way that lloookkks aaawwweeesssooommmeee

  9. They have the same kind of illusions at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World inside the Haunted Mansion. It’s really cool.

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