Brushing The Moon Eclipse

Jason Rehmus emailed me this amazing photo of a man “painting” the Moon during a lunar eclipse. The photo was originally taken by Laurent Laveder, and is part of the Top 10 Astronomy Images of the year 2006. Probably we’ll be seeing many “Best Of 2006” stuff, as the year passed us by. Hope you had really nice time celebrating the New Years Eve. I certainly had. There are few more “setting sun” illusions out there, go ahead – check them out: mini sun, man holding a sun, magic torches

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  1. I can’t believe people are this oblivious!
    He is set up in front of the camera and the Lunar Eclipse, just like it says in the introduction. Not painting a wall, not photoshoped. Just a clever setup, like some of the other sun photographs.

  2. no he’s not u idiots how the hell wood u get a silouette from paint? he’s just standing outside on a ladder with a paintbrush using clever angles… i feel more stupid now from reading your comments… i hope you never have kids

  3. i hope the first two guys were being sarcastic…
    the guy looks a little too stiff if you look too carefully, but other than that, this is a wonderful picture =)

  4. this could easily be set up in real life at the right time. Its unlikely this is a wall… duh! otherwise the twilight effect on the man would be harder to acheive without obvious lighting and a light that bright (look at his hand in front) and that large would be difficult to get hold of. In other words, it could be him painting a wall, but it would be easier and therefor more likely that it is a man on a step ladder with paint infront of an eclipse, as stated above.

  5. I don’t see any eclipse about it. If it is an eclipse then it is just beginning or ending. It’s so simple it can barely be called an illusion.

    1. I believe you can just see a bit of the Earth’s shadow at the top of the moon. You’re right – it’s just beginning or ending – or maybe it was just a partial eclipse?

  6. If you guys are gonna fight about how the picture was created go ahead. That’s fine, you can completely ignore the description. But while you’re doing that, I’ll be enjoying the beauty of the picture -_-

  7. Wow… Just an amazing shot, something original. Very nice. Ignore idiots =) they don’t have a lick of sense in that area they call a head ^^

  8. That’s not even a wall. That’s the real moon, but the illusion is that the man is “in front” of the moon and painting it. In reality he is just on a ladder with a paintbrush waving in the air.

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