Broken Window Shop Optical Illusion

Eventhough this window shop appears to be broken, it’s just another creative advertising done by apple. It sure does it’s purpose, and that is to drive people’s attention. I would’ve never guessed it’s just a sticker across the whole window. Brilliant! Jump inside this article for more pictures from different corners, and at the end, you will see the central one, that shows you what this commercial is for.

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    1. Clever bright people in the marketing department, pity they’re not re-designing a 5 year old iOS platform – might have done a better job!

    2. It’s tacky if you ask me. And it’s ridiculous how many people replied to this. Especially cause half or more comments say the same thing. It’s also astounding that its advertising a product that hasn’t changed in like 7 years. They say Hi-Fi like it’s some new technological breakthrough.

    3. “it’s just another creative advertising done by apple”

      No it is not! this is a well worn idea and was stolen from countless people who have done it before. hell i used to have one of these stickers on my car window a DECADE ago. not creative in the slightest

  1. Very Impressive!!

    What a good idea to present the new iPod HiFi! (That’s also a good idea for all kind of product!)

  2. This is what people will do to the window in reality when they discover how usefull the DRMed music they bought from apple is…

  3. dude i went to the store where this was and from a distance i thoughtit had really been broken into i love that store it is so awesome

  4. If the intent is to get the potential buyer to look at your product, this is a great marketing illusion/tool. Too bad the product if bogus. But i’m sure it would work for others. What if 4 or 5 stores in a row use it? Would your local mall begin to look like a war zone!?!

  5. Google or Wiki “Broken Window Fallacy”… It’s sorta related! Also people, please don’t just post things like “dumb” because it’s a waste of everyone’s time and shows that you really are dumb. Thank yöu!

    1. Your comment is pretty dumb….it’s actually just stupid. Thank you? Screw your “thank you” you smug prick.

  6. Anonymous




    Uhhhh…this has nothing to do with photoshop, or the iPod, its a way of advertisement, an eye catcher, not something to show that the ipod broke the window or something…jeez…

    1. Can’t believe I’m adding to the hype of a marketing campaign, but anyway, here goes. I think this is to imply that the sound emanating from the product is powerful enough to shatter glass. A concept used before (“Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?” campaign) but not implimented in this bombastic way.

  7. Brilliant! That’s very good for advertisement!
    (it would be funny if someone tried to rob the place, and ran into the window!!!!!!)0:):)

  8. omg…thats so cool! i love it! lol. hahah the ipod is like te only thing you can see rite….lol…lol….

    1. baha, i was thinking exactly that, or just how often that in fact happens to all the people i know who bother with apple products xD

  9. If there is one thing that Apple is good at, it is marketing. Maybe they should become a marketing firm–then they could market Android products and that would be a good thing. ;-)

  10. Clever, but I still think the picture from the 70’s of the guy sitting in front of his HiFi speakers with his hair and scarf blown back remains the classic audiophile advertisement.


  11. Old trick. Many stores in my area used to do this years ago. Funny how many folks here are giving Apple the creation credit for this. Typical Apple fan mentality I guess.

  12. Too bad it is a knock off of a knock off of ads that have been done before, recently even by Sara Jessica Parker for her fragrance “Covet” in 2007. There were storefront, print and video versions.

    1. People that are saying that Apple ripped this off and they say saw other companies doing this in 2007 etc: Check the date of this article, 2006.

    1. Ruby, really? Do you think it is cool to write like an uneducated piece of trash?

      The correct answer is No.

      Also, this is what you meant to say:

      Interesting way to advertise.

    2. It’s kind of appalling that you would call someone out for being uneducated, bb, for properly spelling “advertize” as per the Queen’s English. Feel free to educate yourself anytime on variants of the language.

  13. Hey this advert finally makes sense – Apple is finally admitting to stagnating the technology sector through its agressive and plain wrong patent lawsuits for people copying a rectangle shape (prior art) that you touch.

  14. I don’t see why everybody is going nuts over another cell phone/ipod. Every phone/ipod is starting to do the same thing as the cheaper phones. Apple is not about making customers happy they are purely about money. If what I read is true, the company has a high suicide rate in their factories due to the slave labor.

  15. wow a 6yhr old article and in 2012 apple products have hardly advanced at all still the same old stuff, don’t innovate just market it ‘cool’ people will buy it.

  16. Brilliant! Looks just like the screen of a dropped iphone! What next, a blurry, but true to life version of their Apple Maps :). ?

  17. it’s okay. not the best. it’s highlighted here because its from apple. if it were from anyone else, they’d be cribbing about it.

  18. Lol marketing that mimics the look of the apple touchscreen when dropped from anything more than 4 inches on to laminate flooring.

    It’s a look many apple users have become accustomed to, one day the marketing might inspire them to build something a little tougher and quit with the silly gimmicks.

    Is it real or is it memorex? Nah it’s just apple regurgitating someone else’s idea, next week it will have a patent on it and swear its their own.

  19. wow – that’s supposed to be a POSITIVE attraction?

    i seriously thuoght it was an ad by Windows, taking a dig at all of those breaking iPhone screens!! LOL!!..

    3 of my own buds have broken their new iPhone screens in just the past 2 weeks.. LAWL!!!..

  20. I’ve gotta agree with Mmmhm. Apple is simple a great advertiser.
    I’ve seen local game stores do the same thing, just in smaller scale since they don’t have a gratuitous amount of money to toss out.
    Apple, the past decade, has simply been known for advertising. They’ve been selling the color white for years, then just before it dies, they change it up a bit and start selling various sizes of the same product. Genius huh?

    Seriously it’s brilliant for them. Just look at the number of numbskulls who run out to stores every time a “new” product is released; “this is the Iphone 5S with upgraded bluetooth that goes 5% faster, and a new browser and voice for Siri. Maps still confuse the funk out of you though”

  21. They’re just showing what happens to all “i” products. Now they’ll have to get the window replaced expensively, by an authorised repairer

  22. & they payed somone to do that whole (00h pun …smashing …)consept and stff …they should be ashamed of the sure futof there shit maaannility and result

  23. Really, you think THIS is brilliant? I guess if you have lived in a cave or don’t get out much you would think this creative.

    Fact is, this is evidence of what Apple does, steals the ideas of others.

    Here in San Francisco, Urban Outfitters has had a store at the Powell Street Cable Car turnaround. Guess what?! The entire front of the store is glass and it is… shattered.

    And lest you think Urban Outfitters stole the idea from Apple, that store has had the broken glass look since 1997. And that was a concept it used in many of its stores.

    Sidenote: I would usually care less that someone praised Apple’s marketing acumen, but when you say that a 1980s concept is “BRILLIANT” well that just too Apple fanboyish to let go by without a slap.

  24. I look at the number of replies here and, old or dumb or tacky or all the above or not, Apple has succeeded.

    You are talking about the HiFi even if it’s not a new product…and news flash…Apples is gonna sell thousands of not millions of then even if you complain and it being stupid and tacky.

  25. Lol good advertisement for apple reminds of countless broken screens on iphone 4. Should say on “Apple… our screens are S**t”

  26. Apparently Apples glass is made from Gorilla glass. The strongest glass ever made :/.. Strange how I’ve smashed my last two Iphones.

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