The Boy with the Butterfly Eye Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Thursday, which is the favorite day of the week for some of you! It’s terribly cold outside right now, but spring will be here soon, and then you all can get outside and into the warm weather. Spring is great because everything blooms again, and the butterflies come out to play. Speaking pf butterflies, check out this boy with a butterfly eye! Is this a medical condition, or did a really big butterfly just happen to land right on his face? The optical illusion is funny because the butterfly landed just perfectly, so the boy looks like he has a butterfly eye!

Butterfly Eye

Ready for another natural illusion? Check out this man who is getting his cigarette lit from the most natural source there is, the sun! Is this a perfectly timed optical illusion or is the sun just trying to be very helpful? Though no matter what it is, you have to admit that the illusion is pretty cool, and the person that took this picture has great timing! Its pretty cold outside right now, so we hope you all are careful driving to work, and just think, tomorrow is Friday so you only have one more day of work!

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