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  1. How can you not see it? I don’t get that she is RIGHT THERE the white wooden thing and part of the floor. I saw this RIGHT when I scrolled down to this picture.

  2. I can just imagine what Farted and sick!!! would say if they were to come to Europe. I’ve lived in Germany and traveled across Europe for the last 13 years. I have seen tons of breasts and still love seeing them. However, most Europeans just look at them as a part of human nature. I, on the other hand, look at them as funbags.

  3. you all need to shut up! just admire the damn art mmkay?! it doesnt matter if u think shes hot or not, if u think it’s disgusting then dont look at it!


  5. i´m the same person from heidi klums swimsuit body art paintings. i have one question for you farted if you dont like seeing all these body art paintings then y the hell do u chose the category body art? you and hai need 2 get a life. how old r u guys aniwayz 8. u guyz r stupid

  6. i was lookin around for the perfect illusion to comment on and i think i just hit the jackpot… this is the best 1 ive see by far you guys are the best at what you do

  7. It’s beautiful…It’s creative….and I think… If the first thing that comes out of someones mouth is that it resembles porn – (even if it was just a joke), doesn’t understand art nor will they ever appreciate it.
    I think its great :)

  8. Thank you, first light, it was inappropriate, even as a joke, it’s beautiful art, and if she were to wear a shirt, it would ruin the illusion, because there would just be a ridge where the neckline starts. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this picture.

  9. wow… i love all the body paint (as long as they are fully nude otherwise is does not look so impressive cos the item of clothing would spoil the flow of the painting)

  10. Wow, that’s strange and somewhat
    revolting…I find it gross, too, but don’t call me a hypocrite farted and sick!!!, I think you
    guys are overreacting…And that’s
    coming from a kid.

  11. .:Loyalty:. wow this is hot!! i want to actually see some of this kind of art in person thought like its just amayzing!i agree with ~~*NIQUE*~~` i dont think i would have noticed her standing there lolz

  12. WHAT THE HECK!!!!! It is great art! (Coming from a girl) And with almost everyone else, *Funbags*? Grow up! That is so stupid! Where did you even get that? Shesh!

  13. was she sleeping.next time tell her to wake up & ask the painter to paint the bottom(vagina)& the photographer to show & zoooooom it.hahahaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!. to be serious,its really amazing!!!!!!!!! Salute to the painter, but not to the photographer & the lady

  14. That’s amazing. Every line on her blends into that background. Bravo to the artist.
    And some of the people who posted comments need to grow up a little.

  15. Ok, what’s so hard to see? I saw her upper half immediately and her legs after a few seconds. The dark shadows on the light surface give her away. If you can’t see this, you might not be very familiar with the shape of a human torso or with shadows. Also, what is with those green stripes? They’re not even with the background, another thing that helped me see it.

    1. it may be too easy, but do you know how long that must’ve taken! I congradulate the effort, not how “easy” it is to spot it out.

  16. oh ive seen abt this quite alot..forgot the artists name..the model has to stay in one postition for seven hours straight..n is fed by other ppl during that time..but the end result is amazing… the artist even painted demi moore, for a magazine cover for her birthday..she was wearing a tie a waistcoat n stuff..wen in reality she was naked n painted over.

  17. These are just incredible… exciting and inspirational! Many of these body paints pics have a really ghostly, eerie look to them and sppoks my nine year old daughter out a little! (She’ll cope :) ) We’ve had great fun looking at many many many parts of your site and with still much more to explore… keep up the FANTASTIC work you’re doing creating this amazing compendium of illusions… it seems one of a kind! Worthy of any web page awards out there easily. I love the way you write too… friendly and chatty. You should be proud!!! :)

  18. The upper half can be easily made out because the shadows contrast the white background, but the lower half is a dark enough color that you have to look harder to see the outline. Very good illusion, but I don’t understand why people act like they can’t see anything at all.

  19. Nice sample of an art I’ve always loved. It’s rarely perfect, but always suggestive and surprising when well done.

    By the way, I’m glad to NOT live in USA, where the own body seems to be a taboo and religions still have an evident distorted perception beyond artistic sense (just as they had before USA was born).

    Some people here need to look down and realise they have just the same ornaments. It’s evident they never did that exercise in their five-year-old lives.

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