• Oli


    I have to admit it fooled me for a second, teh sidewalk art pages are great too!


  • Hai

    huh? i dont grt it. and also can u(the webmaster) upload a pic of yourself on this site? im curious about what u look like!


  • Brad

    did the real guy purposly grab the fake girls butt?

  • Rayne

    The guy is complaining because he saw a perfect girl on the street… but she had no chest or butt!

  • seanki

    what the… there 2-d?

  • Anonymous

    I think it is very smart =)
    Except It is a bit random that he touches the but of the fake girl…


    Hey, I think that his right arm and sleeve actually blend into the little white square in the first picture… is that purposely done?

  • anthonee

    you can see the guys feet in the first picture.

  • emma

    ha ha! that’s so funn

  • Grace

    It looks like your friend is painted on.

  • um

  • Maya

    this is funny as hell!!

  • Elias

    on the first pic it looks like the guy with the white shirt’s arm is part of the paper

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