BMW License Plate Illusion

This one is hilarious! Believe it or not, this car hides incredible illusion. Look at the BMW photo user Lev Savaransky from Russia sent us. You probably won’t notice anything strange about it. Now heres what I want you to do: take a pocket mirror, you must have one somewhere near you, or just borrow it from your sister. Now place it next to the monitor (like here). Ok! You’re just about to see the illusion… Stare at the mirror, until you notice something strange :) Now admit it, you would never expected this! Hehe… I really had a laugh. This illusion was also on the margin of being posted, but what the heck – it may be a little rude, but anyway I think its one of the best illusions posted recently. Thanks WAP! If you like this one, please stumble it, or if you have a website, you can link me. Your action will be much appreciated, and if you send us some traffic, email me and I can link you right back (we have huge traffic) Enjoy… Visit Transportation category for more optical illusion vehicles.

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  1. This isn’t so much of an illusion, this is a genuine UK vehicle Licence Plate X321 ARO with an illegal space between the 2 and 1.

    As there isn’t legally any way of purchasing personalized plates outside of the UK’s Driver & Vehicle Licencing Authority’s standard system of vehicle registration, vehicle owners make money selling the licence numbers of their vehicles to others. (Licence plates relate to the vehicle rather than the owner.)

    And no, I haven’t misspelt License. As this picture is of a British

  2. this is solid gold! remember the Beastie Boys album cover for licenced to ill? the licence plate on the airplane was 3M TA3……eat me.

  3. that’s terrible. completely funny that someone’s driving around (possibly) with that on their plate, but to post it??? Ah, well.


  4. I did not have a mirror handy but a CD on the data side is good enough to find the illusion. It is pretty Good. Can’t get it from reading it backwards though.

  5. This is the most disappointing illusion I’ve seen so far on this cool site, mainly because you made such a big deal about it.

  6. “Anonymous
    on 7:54 PM

    i saw the message as soon as i saw the photo. simply photoshopped.”

    I agree. It has been processed enough, that the car doesn’t even look real anymore… It looks more like a screenshot from a game or something…

  7. if you dont have a mirror, copy and paste the photo into an photo editing program like photoshop and flip it horizontally. or use MS word and flip it horizontally


  8. HA HA HA I wish i was ghaving some right now. For the popel that dont have a mirro anything with a shiny surface works well too i.e. CD DVD.

  9. How many people do you think will be calling their state’s department of motor vehicles checking to see if “X321ARO” is available as a vanity plate?

  10. this site is gererally gd unfotunatly this lets it down it not an illusion, mayb just the geeks who thought this illusion up will never have “oral sex” (wow) so therefore are obsessed.

  11. I agree, it’s lame. Why not make up any slogan which reads something else backwards and then stick it on a number plate. Some of these “personalised” plates sell for more than a house – the saddos who pay for them need to get a life. Mucking about with the spaces or digits on a number plate is ILLEGAL, for obvious reasons… “Officer the hit and run car was registration number “BILLY”. The officer replies “Sorry, we can’t trace a car with that number…” Result – scum bag driver gets away with it again.

  12. “I read it without a mirror too. It’d be kinda funny to look in your rear veiw mirror and see that though.” — Perfectly said.

  13. i bet u any thing it was a real car not photoshoped. its just a bad pic not a poor photo shop job dudes relax! dont insult evry thing b/c u can. I do not think it is stupid. its funny. just not an olution

  14. This reminds me of the licence plate I once saw
    3M TA3
    I saw it in my rear view mirror first and it was a blast.
    P.S. What do you mean by “stumble it”. I’m not familiar with that terminology.

  15. Yeah, that was a lot of hype about nada. It’s inappropriate and immature. You can do better than that. Why is the world so dirty?

  16. I pitty the fact that there are so few optical illusions available that these photoshopped mirror tricks. I have to say that some of the latest illusions have been “cringe worthy” but that is pathetic.

  17. I like it! To bad most people have nothing better to do that find reasons why they dont like it. so what if it was fotoshopped? Still is a good illusion.

  18. STUPID!!! Isn’t this site for optical illusions? Not stupid perverted “magic” tricks! By the way, the car is fake!

    1. me 2 but if younger kids look at it they wouldnt know what it was and at least we dont have 2 go up to our parents and go “what does that mean?” LOL

  19. does it matter if it’s photoshopped or not? It’s funny, and that’s what this is about. And no it might not be a optical illusion as from Esher, but give it a wider intepretation… It’s about amusing people, and this amuses me. I like it. And btw stumbling means you say that you like it with the Firefox addon stumbleUpon. If you don’t have firefox, or let me say if you have IE: shame on you. Say if i’m rude or right.

  20. I like it, I found it very funny. I thought optical illusions are supposed to help you seeing things differently then they appear to be? And be sometimes be amusing, this accomplished both. So to those that say “very lame”, “kind of tasteless” or “that’s childish” are the ones who don’t seem to get it & are being childish about it.

  21. omg get over it! it’s funny and very smart who cares if young children view this grow up u prob talk about that stuff more than we probly do these days get a sence of humor my god…

  22. Schools teach children about sex when they are 12 years old, and all it reads is the word. Its not like it shows a picture of the actual act. If parents are worried their children are going to see things like this then they need to put parental blocks on their computers.

  23. Heh, it took me a while! People need to chill out. Imagine a world where everything “offensive” was hidden. I thought this was funny and so did others. Get over yourselves.

  24. FYI, this is / was a real UK registration plate. Since pictures of it were posted on the internet, the plate came to the attention of the DVLA (Vehicle Registration Authority in the UK). The plate was subsequently withdrawn from circulation and the money spent by the driver on transferring the plate was wasted.

    /Next time, consider keeping your expensive jokes off the internet.

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