Blood Smear Optical Illusion

After she saw our latest illusion, Judy decided to share this interesting poster with us. Although she originally showcased this in the comments section of “Rupert Murdoch’s True Form” article (using our relatively new image attachments), I believe it deserves its own moment.

The blood smear motif you see on your right was first used as a book cover for Charlaine Harris’ “Dead Reckoning” (check here for original book cover). As I haven’t read the book myself there isn’t much I can tell you about it, except there are vampires in it. But what I can tell you is that there is an interesting optical illusion hidden somewhere inside this poster. Go on – search for it!

Our regular fans will probably spot the hidden illusion almost immediately, while the rest will need to check some of our archives first to understand what they are supposed to be searching for. Perhaps starting with negative spaces illusions might help ;D

75 Replies to “Blood Smear Optical Illusion”

  1. Nice… didn’t take too long to spot the lady and it appears she kissing a guy (could be another woman) – kinda reminds me of the silence of the lambs poster for some reason !!
    Note – there could be a 2nd illusion in here .. for some reason the large yellow bit on the right if you look from a distance looks like the left side of someones face (with a disformed ear)

  2. wow i love it! its kinda pretty until you remember that that is supposed to be blood but on the bottom of the blood splatter you can see a male and female kissing

  3. Seen something like this before. At the bottom of the blood smear in the yellow space you can see a man and woman in what looks like an embrace.

  4. Yeaup…a lady and guy kissing each other…pretty easy…for the ones who are already used to any type of illusions knows almost immediately what to look for.

  5. Indeed, regulars fans spot it immediatly. ;)
    And, just now, I wanted to typ: “Why is there that extra splatter in front of her?” I noticed there is a guy as well. :)

  6. I see a partial image of a man embracing an image of a woman which appear to be in the process of kissing one another

  7. Oouh! Two people in the bottom right about to kiss =D I was looking at the thing as a WHOLE at first that’s why i couldn’t spot it, but hten i just took/looked at individual bits of it instead =P

  8. found it easily…Charlainee Harris and “Dead as” series is wonderful….much different than the True Blood series that the series is based.

  9. I see three illusions in the Blood Smear optical illusion. A woman facing left. A man? facing her nose to nose. And using the whole inside of the curve, the right half of someone’s head. (Sort of jumps out once you see the ear.)

  10. Lovely. You were right that your regular viewers will spot it right away, but your negative spaces category suggestion is a dead giveaway.

  11. Love the site!! :) have been a viewer, never a poster. and fun to read the comments. But it is SOOKIE (main character )from the book/TV show

  12. Aaah, yes, I see it.. the woman and the man..
    Predominately the woman on the right..

    Very well done indeed!

    It took me overnight to actually go’Oh I see it!’

  13. I love your site and have introduced it to many friends and colleagues. But today an advert with a loud voice came with your page – disgusting.

    If this intrusion continues, your page will suffer the loss of people like me who have enjoyed the subtleties of our world that you have offered (and who hate the intrusion of unsolicited sales pitches.

  14. omg i have seen it. its a figure of a woman kissing a guy in the bottom left corner. you can only see the head though. dont look at the blood look at the background. shes got long flowing hair

  15. Maybe I’m crazy, but I also see in the background, left, top to bottom,the right half of a head of a man facing forward.

  16. I found it at last….but ffs what’s with all the white…well…in this case yellow space waste of illusion space :p

  17. There’s a Watcher also in tbe blood spatters; it’s probably not blood anyway. It’s Cherry Kool-Aid….OH-YEAH!!!

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