Block Shadow Girl Optical Illusion

Jeff Absher sent this fabulous shadow illusion accompanied by message: “I don’t know who or where created it, but I think this is really neat, I present you the “block shadow girl“. It took just a second for me to see the illusion, but never the less the effect is strong! If you are a long time visitor, you will immediately remember shadow illusion sculptures, mostly created by master of illusions – Shigeo Fukuda. We posted many of those in the past. I just hope you liked today’s illusion. I am greatly aware that I promised posting new illusions from now on every day, but am currently in process of switching apartments, so much moving has to be done. Hope you have understanding, but we can try this again: From now on, new illusion each day! ;)

Update: Steve McIntosh sent this YouTube video that contains similar shadow illusion. it is 60 second version of the 2007 John Lewis Christmas TV advert, called “Shadows”. The soundtrack is Aubade/Morning Serenade from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

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  1. It’s clearly photoshopped…. what would be a very challenging and amazing shadow illusion is only a normal shadow photoshopped on a real image.

    A pity…

  2. Cool:
    What I like about this sort of illusion is that a lot of people could create one like it with things that they find @ home

  3. I like that. Though I’m pretty sure it’s not real, I think it would be fun to make a real one, as it’s easily possible. I noticed that the site it no longer really ‘illusions’.
    Mostly just fun pictures. I still like the site, though.

  4. There is no way the shadow is coming from the blocks. Probably created in a paint program. It’s not even an illusion just a fraud.

  5. If you’re not being paid to post an illusion everyday, then I wouldn’t worry about it. If it’s your passion, and you feel you’re losing sight of it by not keeping to your commitments then that’s another story. I enjoy this section of my homepage, and would like to see something new as often as possible. But I am not discouraged entirely if I don’t. Also, I hope that you’re not insinuating anything racial with the last two illusions. Best wishes….

  6. I think this is beautiful. At the same time, I´m left wondering if it´s 100% genuine and if it doesn´t have a photoshop element to it. I´d say it does. Look for example at the chin. If there´s only one light source, which seems to be the case, parallel light rays can´t make a chin the way it appears. There are several other tale-tell elements. Now that´s the game, can you find these?

  7. This is a realy crappy illusion!! It isn’t an illusion, it’s just a shadow!! And it’s probably made in photoshop or something like that!!

  8. nice. I would say photoshopped, but the shadow fits with the blocks, and with a strong light on the right, its quite possible.

  9. Can you say photoshop?
    … but now that I took a closer look at it, it doesn’t seem as photoshopped as I thought at first. My guess is that whoever created this at least made the edges a little softer with photoshop (or any other graphic tool).
    Well, it’s a nice illusion anyway.

  10. look, no offence but im think of leaving this site because all i see here now is just lame photoshopped pictures, which aren’t illusions.

  11. A very simple way to see that it’s not an ‘illusion’ is to look at the base of the front foot. Considering the direction of light, how can shadows there be curved?

    And btw an illusion is something that cause us to perceive a false sense of reality. There is nothing false here – the shadow is really there and exactly as we perceived. The blocks were not placed there coincidentally and somehow gave rise to that shadow. The human image was intended. Thus it is more of a form of art.

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