Black Lips Illusionary CD Cover

Each day before publishing fresh optical illusion, and writing according article, I go through the process of allowing/rejecting previous day’s comments. When I see my last post receiving 60 or more comments, I feel great and get highly motivated in creating new material. Yesterday’s post received an interesting and simple comment I’d like to point out. User called Dantheman wrote: “Great site. You keep up the good work, and I’ll keep telling everyone I know about it.” Hey, this in praxis could be applied generally – I’ll make sure to post regular, fresh and interesting illusions, and you keep sharing this site with your closest friends. Do we have a deal, or not? The easiest way to share this site with your friends is through the “Members” section. You login (bottom of the sidebar), and invite your friends. You select which email contacts you want to include, and send invitations. Simple as that. And now for my part, new optical illusion:

The Black Lips band (which I never heard of…) engaged in the magic-eye thing (I pity the fool who doesn’t call them stereograms… in fact this isn’t stereogram at all!) for the cover of their new album. Below is the cover for their 200 Million Thousand, which features the hidden face hidden in vertical lines. The optical illusion should be easier to see if the cover shrinks (widget thumbnail!), but when it is viewed in full-size, you have to force yourself to go cross-eyed to see the face.

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  1. :O first comment

    this is a really good illusion i actually found it easier to see it when i was cross eyed than in the small picture

  2. Very cool!!!!!!! You are right vurdlak, the widget is almost too easy to see the face.

    I like that we call this the “magic-eye thing”. Sweet effect. I think hallucinating improves one’s ability to do this magic-eye effect…

  3. whahoo i think that i am first, the bigger the image the harder it is to see and my eyes hurt from looking but the small one on my widget was much easier to see

  4. LOL! i finally c it!! for those that want to…u can always press Ctrl on ur keyboard and scroll down with the mouse to zoom out or change the size on the bottom left hand corner of the internet page…its one ugly face though…

  5. this illusion is pretty cool–i suggest opening up a word document, pasting this in, and shrinking it down until you can see the face. in my opinion, i think its very cool and creative of the band to think of such a cover… :D

  6. or you could just tilt the screen…if you have a laptop or something to that effect…its easier to see horizontally that vertically…:}


  7. I can see it if I tilt my laptop screen all the way back. Cool illusion though. Maybe Vurdlak can post some holiday related illusions soon? I mean, there’s bound to be a bunch out there.

  8. I find it’s very clear if I step about 5 feet back from the monitor. Who is the face supposed to be? It looks kind of like Lucy when she tastes the Vitametagegamin :)

  9. Eww, Like realy scarry!


    If jou have a laptop just push your screen all the till youl see the… well thing…

    Not a Spoiler:

  10. The white lines aren’t actually white. The black lines distract the eyes from the faint image in the white. To see this the most clearly (at least on a laptop), tilt the screen at an angle. It is extremely clear at any distance when you do that.

  11. I love it……and I’m often sceptical. Why do you have to approve all the comments? (please include in next post)

  12. teh first time i saw it, it looked like a bulldog, then i looked again and i eventuly saw it. kinda scary! but anyway, i love this site. i love your audio illusions A LOT. keep posting!

  13. It’s easy to see by pressing Ctrl and – several times, this shrinks the picture.

    Nice picture BTW. But as is the case with all these kinds of pictures, it gives me a headache.

  14. very scary. kinda looks like the muppet Animal, but still very scary. you should file it under scary or something

  15. I didn’t read all of the comments, so someone may have already pointed this out… but along with tilting your screen back, you can also see it by quickly scrolling back and forth (left right left right, etc). And of course, crossing your eyes works too

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