A Better World Illusion


Look at this reference by Orange, it gives you a glimpse of a better world. I’m not sure if Orange is a telecommunications provider, or deals with something else, but obviously they tried to give us impressions that if we use their products, we can expect more enjoyable future. Who knows… At least their pavement art campaign is awesome to look at. I always admired all those 3d street illusions. I’m big fan of creative advertising, thats why you can see similar illusions posted on this site often. If you had enough of them just say so, and I’ll stop posting them so often, but something gives me impression you like it as well. Look how realistic the hole in the pavement looks – I wouldn’t be so brave stepping in the middle of it, even though I know its just a horizontal mural…

Oh, concerning my previous post, if you wonder which was the first illusion ever posted on this site, the answer is – this one!

  • me

    wow! its so cool!

  • Anonymous

    WAT IS UP WITH ALL THE SIDEWALK DRAWINGS?!?! ever since the guest editors came we’ve been getting mor quantity than quality.

    • Jenny

      Some people are so rude! Unless you can do better best to do as Thumper says and not say anything at all!!! This is amazing and if you don;t like it don’t look! But seriously????….what’s not to like?

  • leah

    someone did that?!

  • courtney

    thats amazing….wow. seriously? thats pretty damn convincing.

  • Anonymous

    typo, in the 3rd post it’s supposed to say ‘before’ us humans and our manifest destiny.

  • Zed

    Cool! I love these, I’m gonna try painting one, except that probably isn’t very legal.

    PS thanks for following up on my request and posting that first illusion on the site!

  • Anonymous

    holy cowabunge thet is so coll. i love it!

  • A.J.

    We love the sidewalk illusions…keep them coming.
    Also…Whoever is proofreading the comments…
    get a life.

  • Anonymous

    these side walk drawings are cool … and i do enjoy them but .. is there a way you could just add the new ones under the sidewalk drawings section … i think you would please more people just let us know by adding it in the ‘description Pp’ .. enjoy what your doing but man sidewarlk drawing get (hate to say) boring

  • Anonymous

    OHHH I like these drawings. The look soooo cool

  • baddvd

    I like it

  • Chris

    Not bad…

    It would be more convincing if somebody put some guard rails up… Wouldn’t want anyone to fall in, would we?

  • Anonymous

    I think that all of the sidewalk drawings are quite cool. You should definately keep posting them.

  • Anonymous

    I think you should keep the sidewalk drawings on, they are more than cool! I love them!

  • Albert

    i just LOVE those drawings! keep bringing them, please!
    by the way: your blog ist great. i keep visiting it every day.

  • Luke3x

    That first illusion was extremely interesting. Could you find more ‘puzzle’ type illusions like that to post?

  • honeypie

    this sucks! jk it rocks!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love the sidewalk illusions as well. If I could vote this one would be one of my top picks. Hey you should set up a rating system.

  • DJ

    Love the site! Love the new quantity. Guest editors are doing a great job!

    Remember – not everyone will like everything – just keep on keeping on!


  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!! Abi xx’s friend!

    heyyyyy! thats soooo amazing like all the other 3D chalk drawings. :D very kl.

  • Mag

    what beautiful dream !!!

    “Make it a better world under the street”

  • Anonymous

    I love it! It is not very convincing as far as belief that you will fall through to the garden of eden, but wonderful advertising nonetheless. It certainly gets the point across. Keep them coming!! As many posts as you can cram into a day please. I need something to pass the time here at work.

  • Anonymous

    Now this is the kind of illusion I like! Please keep getting more of these!

  • FirePaw

    Wow, that is really nice!

  • Mr Tortoise

    mr elephant was a camel…
    piece of shampoo

  • Anonymous

    Orange is a mobile phone company here in the UK. :) Their tagline has always been ‘The future’s bright. The future’s Orange.’ That’s probably what the idea behind these are. :)

  • Anonymous

    i wana jump in it

  • Anonymous

    i think this guy in now in a school commershile.

  • Frogii

    i wanna jump in its so kool how they do that and do any of uu noe where they make them??

  • Anonymous

    wow 6th post u have nothing better to do than correct other peoples comments? sad and pathetic

  • Anonymous

    Wow! This guy has to be REALLY REALLY talented! I mean, I can even draw a person! ha ha! ^^

  • SUFY

    what the heck-a-ma-bobs was that.It werent even scary.Its just a freak poppin out.

  • Anonymous

    that is amazing it looks so real
    by the way judging by the logo it safe to say that this an add for orange the telecom company
    the is another company with the same name that makes things like flash memory computer mice etc

  • Someone

    Orange was before called Amena, I’m sure that it’s a mobile phone market– don’t know how to say it, I’m spanish!– but it’s like Vodafone, Movistar, Yoigo, Symio…

  • Anonymous

    Hey wow, dit is de Orange Shop in Rotterdam. Loop er elke dag ongelooflijk dat ik hem gemist heb :D.

    In English:

    Hey Wow, this is the Orange Shop in Rotterdam (Holland). Walk by it everyday, can’t believe i mist it :D.

  • Anonymous

    why cant we have this incredible shit in boston?

  • wish i was there……:'(

  • SuperGanj

    I wish this was a real place that I could dive right into. I wish there was more sidewalk and street art around the US. I would love to come across some art like this someday.

  • LFCJamie

    The Futures Bright, The Futures Orange :)

  • Pattyz

    I’m a painter myself…and I wish I could see some more people doing this kind of work in public. But I also wouldn’t like it if someone stepped on the artwork.

  • Dolphin

    I like 3-D chalk drawings…However,if I was able to make a good one,it would rain or a sprinkler would ruin it,because of my bad luck.

  • nandu

    wow! great job……….nice imagination

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