Bent Lines Illusion no.3


This picture was taken in some Russian pub as far as I know. As hard as it may be to beleive, these lines are acctually straight. This illusion works in a same way “Bent Lines”, “Crooked Skyscraper” and “Bent Square” illusions work. If you look at the second picture inside this post, you’ll see I was right.

  • Farted

    You can tell the lines are a little tilted

  • surfingone

    u can tell its all in the camera

    • ChristeleGail

      if you move the scroller thing on the side really fast IT MOVES<3

  • Graham

    Its called an optical illusion folks, its not fake.

  • Hai

    *sigh* so old

  • MMM

    how many times do i have to tell you:
    if you cross your eyes a bit, you will notice their paralel!!!

  • Amy

    how does crossing your
    eyes work? I think that
    they are straigt but
    not parralle

  • JK555

    i dont get it.:P

  • pirategirl

    im dizzy…..and confused:(

  • Evey

    if you scroll up and down while looking at the first picture, it looks like the vertical “lines?” are wiggling

  • Anonymous

    oh! i c it! the squares are a little off of line with eachother right? thats whats causing the illusion! the fact that the squares arent perfectly alighned with eachother. the lines are very much perfectly straight.

  • Anonymous

    theres a building like that in Melbourne (black and white) Can’t remember what it is, some government building or something, but its really cool.

  • ace

    when you scroll down it looks like theyre movin lol

  • annon

    the lines are so paralell!!!!
    its only coz of the square tiles!!!!!

  • inmyshoes

    Optical illusions on a bar floor.Just what every drunk needs.

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