25 Replies to “Bent Lines Illusion no.2”

  1. the lines are so straight. (Its an optical illusion people! The are SUPPOSED to appear to be somethim they are not. Thats wht they are called “ILLUSIONS”!!!! GEEZ.)The other shapes and diagonal lines make it appear to bulge in the middle.

  2. this is realy cool but you can easily notice that those are straight lines unless your looking at it form the middle if look on the sides while covering the middle it will look straight :D

  3. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet pillow

    i think it would make me sick looking at it when im in my bed though 0.0

  4. ya the black n white box had fool me. gushh was *tot it was a pillow when it actually all the line are straight and the same length.. u mean all of it? the black n white really intimate to my optic. mostly its fool me.

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