Bended Square no.2 Illusion


At first, there doesn’t seem anything unusual about this picture. It’s just a bunch of diagonal lines and a slightly distorted square in the middle – right? Wrong. Believe it or not, the 4 lines that make up the square are actually perfectly straight. In fact it’s a perfect square. For proof of this, the animation swaps between the two frames so you can see the square remains the same.

  • Hai


  • jacknife


  • Rayne

    they both looke straight to me, unless I squint my eyes.

  • MMM


  • alana

    that is wicked O_o

  • HoIY cR4P

    AHhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes IT BURNS

  • Lil Noir

    not that cool, they seem kinda straight already

  • kat

    focus on the lines, then just glance over. spot the difference. kl.

  • Jack

    sweet all bent just like Lil Noir

  • SpellingMatters

    Actually, it would be ‘bent’, not ‘bended’

  • wow pretty good

  • superlegion

    okay….since the start i never really think it looked like the square was bent…i thought it was straight…AND I WAS RIGHT!

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