Beautiful Spiral Illusion

I have titled this optical illusion as the “beautiful spiral illusion,” simply because when I saw this illusion it absolutely blew me away. This illusion is extremely effective, because it’s so beautiful to look at, but when you look at this illusion, you’re going to have your sense of perception played with. You see, this is one of those illusions that uses different colors to play with your brain’s sense of perception. Therefore, while looking at this illusion, it’s going to seem as if this illusion is spinning in circle the whole time you’re staring at it, but this illusion is nothing more than a static image. It is not an animated gif or anything of that nature. Are you ready to check out this amazing optical illusion? Scroll down and you will find it below.

Beautiful spiral

Now, how’s that for an absolutely beautiful optical illusion? I bet you fell in love with way this one looks. All of the beautiful colors mixed together and it also looks as if the image is moving on its own. I told you this one would play with your sense of perception. If you liked this illusion, you should leave a comment below and let us know. Also, you should feel free to use our rating system to rate this illusion and let us know how you feel about it.

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  1. Amazing, not only do the circles look like they are spinning; the whole thing looks like a spiral, even when your eyes track around one of the circles.

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