Bar Code Art – Andy Warhol

Bard-code Art is whole new direction in art. Scott Blake runs a website, where he posts his newest creations. For example this image of Andy Warhol is done entirely of small bar codes. If you have troubles believing it, jump inside this post to see proof and few more “zoomed” images. Amazing! Note, that the numbers given in each bar code represent pixel co-ordinates of that particular bar code. Previously I posted similar illusions named “Scarface” and “WTC”. Use the search box at the bottom of this page to locate them, in the meantime visit Scott’s website for more fascinating bar code illusions! Here’s a little advertisement if you are interested in bar code equipment. Try making similar art, and submit it for publishing!

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  1. this is a beautiful type of art!!! i wonder if i could start collecting barcodes!! its is a thing to think about!! Ps im 10 years old and im not kidding!

  2. It’s called DITHERING. Printers had done this sort of thing for the last 30 years.
    Some barcode numbers have a higher density than others
    You can make a computer program that calculates that and apply it to any photo you want.
    There is also an iMovie plugin that does that using ASCII art.

  3. Wow! He’s good. Someone also made a billboard of a girl made entirely out of packages of mentos, I’ll try and find it.

  4. People! Are you paying attention?
    Andy Warhol doesn’t have anything to do with it — it’s Scott Blake’s project.
    Neither guy came up with the idea of dithering.
    Blake doesn’t _collect_ codes to build this — he writes a program that assigns a bar code to make one small section darker or lighter.

  5. i have a program that does that :D its an auto collage maker that makes a single picture out of pictures in your gallery. if you have nothing but barcodes and tell it to make a remake a picture of a man then it will do so

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