Ball Head Optical Illusion

Happy Humpy Day! Its Wednesday and we have made it to the halfway point of the work week. So how are you all doing today? Well, how many of you out there are sports fans? How many of you were following the World Cup soccer that was going on? Well today’s optical illusion is all about a soccer player that has a really unfortunate part of his body that just happens to be a soccer ball.  Do you all think he has a hard time because his head is a soccer ball or do you all think he gets a lot of attention? Just kidding! We know that he does not have a soccer ball head, but it sure does look like it in the picture right?

Ball Head Optical Illusion

So, ready to see another cool optical illusion involving snow? Look at this polar bear up in a tree! Just kidding! The polar bear is not really up in a tree because it is not really a polar bear, but just some snow.  However, it does look like it because the snow is shaped perfectly, and the bear even has eyes. Well we know the week is only half order, but just hang on a little longer because the week is winding down quick! Have a good Wednesday!

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