Baby Illusion

This one is neat, just try fitting both pictures in one screen. First look at the second picture. You can notice some difference in both sides of the baby image – right side of it looks somehow yellowish, right?. Ok, now stare at the little plus sign in the first picture for a 30 seconds and then quickly look at baby’s nose; see what I mean? This illusions was originally created by Stefan Van den Bergh.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. AWESOME!!!! the picture of the baby was supposed to look normaal right? with no color differences? that was kool!!

  2. Thought I’d throw my 2 cents of biological color theory in on this effect. This would also pertain to other color illusions.
    There is a chemical in your eye that offsets colors you look at. By ‘offset’ I mean desaturate.
    In the illusion above, the right side is yellow, so your eye adjusts with a blu-ish chemical to desaturate the yellow. Your eye does the same with the blue on the left by adjusting with a yellow-ish effect to desaturate the blue.
    When you shift to the baby’s image you have left over blue on the right and left over yellow on the left. These balance the shading of the baby picture and thus you see a uniform image.

    you’ll notice after a short while you begin to see the non-uniform baby again as the chemicals begin to settle down.
    Hope this is educational and helpful.

  3. More to do with adaptation of neurons in the cortex than photopigment saturation in the retinal cones, but yeah. You can see this because – i imagine – the trick would work with Red-Green as well as Blue-Yellow opponency, but not combinations thereof (i.e. Red-Yellow) – suggesting independent channels rather than the broad overlapping trichromacy found in retinal cones.
    Interesting stuff, though the trick itself is just a generic form of colour after-effect.

  4. Omigosh. I can’t beleive that…….YOU ACCUALY BELEIVE IT IS AN ILLUSION! Obviously they took a picture of a baby, then on a special computer, they made one side blue-shaded, the opther side yellow shaded, and then put the two colors above it!!!!!!!

  5. You made a mistake. The baby is meant to become normal once you have looked at the blue and yellow rectangles…

    I don’t know if it’s just me or some underlying constant state of psychosis but whenever I do the colour adapt things, the cross apears to move in relation to the rectangle if stared at…

  6. Also, if you stare at the cross for 30 seconds then look at something white (like the ceiling) there will be a purple and orange rectangle for a few seconds

  7. thats sick, u dont really have to look at the baby u can look anywhere and the colors will be faint but still noticeable

  8. The effect is due to manipulating how information about color is processed. Look up “opponent process” specific to color theory.

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