Axe Optical Illusion

Siddharth A Deshpande sent another funny optical illusion. If your memory serves you good, you’ll remember he was the guy that sent us that Harley Davidson face billboard. In photo below, I think someone misunderstood the AXE commercial, and used real axe instead of that famous Axe deodorant to knock this woman down. But don’t worry, it’s only an illusion. The axe is just behind her not stuck in her head, so she is probably just enjoying the sun and relaxing. It’s classic example of perspective illusion. Siddharth also sent another optical illusion. You can see it under the axe one. No explanation needed I believe. Sorry for no posts yesterday – I had really busy day.

29 Replies to “Axe Optical Illusion”

    1. you’re first at what? commenting? who cares

      btw you’re not first you 2nd someone commented before you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. it wasn’t the best yet. those are really easy to do i’ve done them before. and i can see how the second one might confuse some people.

  2. the second one doesn’t make any sense. is it his real hair? or is it a fake hair piece? and how come its in the front and the back. am i missing something?

  3. Maybe the right part of the second image is actually the man’s penis, with the same hat on it making it look like the back of his head. You’re a sick person, Vurdlak.

  4. The second one is a hat the same color and texture as his hair, It’s actually pretty cool if you understand it.

  5. omG. the second one is his real hair… he cut it in the shape of a hat. Its not his friken dick for gods sakes. Its a close up of his hair.. but it was enlarged lengthwise.. so it looks like his dick.. not so hard to get people..

  6. Wow! That second one is so random. Although that person’s profile would look hilarious. Can you imagine a goof like that walking in the streets?!!! LOL LOL LOL!

  7. the second pic is just the mans face and then a close up of his head. its a col pic tho. the firse one looks a bit fake

  8. second one: appears to be cap right? so ull think its a cap right? THEN UR WRONG!!!! look closer. its his HAIR

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