Awesome Back in Time Optical Illusion

Have you ever wanted to step back in time? Just for a moment? Although time travel is pretty much just one huge paradox, I’ve always thought it would be rather intriguingĀ to step back in time and check out how things once were. Other time periods have always fascinated me!

Today’s illusion, if you haven’t guessed yet, is an interesting back in time photo. I was instantly drawn to this illusion as soon as I saw it in the Mighty Optical Illusions Facebook page inbox. (Thanks again, Kovacs!) This photo depicts some old fashioned cars driving down a neighborhood street…

back in time photo 1

There’s something a little strange about this photo, though. During the time period it depicts, color photography hadn’t been invented yet. Of course, there are all sorts of ways around this. These could simply be antique cars in modern day, for instance, or an old photograph could have been edited to include color.

The reality behind this back in time photo, though, is a little stranger than either of those possibilities. It is, in fact, MUCH cooler…

back in time photo 2

The cars in the first image aren’t real cars at all. They’re small models placed on a board made up to look like a road. The first image was just a product of some very clever forced perspective photography! TheĀ cars had to be perfectly placed on the board and the camera had to be at just the right angle to make the cars appear to be in the foreground in the first photo. This is an awesome little example of trick photography!

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