Autumn Motives

Summer is here, never the less here’s one illusion that reminds us of Autumn. I’m personaly more of a summer type, but beleive it or not, some people prefer Autumn… there are even Winter-type of people! Never understood them, but hey, it’s free world! Isn’t it? The question is: do you see falling leaves or young girl, sleeping there calmly?

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  1. At first I looked at the picture and saw leaves and thought what’s so special about this image. Then I read the description and noticed the girl.

  2. I was looking for a face, not a full body. The between the leaves hint pinpointed her.

    Summer? Last on my list. To damn hot.

  3. I couldn’t see a girl at all until I saw the comments.

    I agree, if you say the girl is naked you’ll find more people seeing that first.

    And I happen to be an Autumn person.

  4. i did’nt notice the girl first. Only after reading the comments i found her . she is between the second and third leaves.

  5. i wish the title wasn’t autumn motives, because then you’re more likely to see autumn leaves, but if you call it young naked girl, people see her first (and you become a different kind of web site)

  6. I like summer because of the break from school and the vacationing, (I’m a 8th grader) winter for the snow and snow days, and fall because thats my birthday time. Also winter for Christmas and Hannaukah. Why do all the hidden women have to be naked? So many artists are SO porny…

  7. I see that the girl has no head. Oh! I am a Summer people on Winter and a Winter people on Summer; or it is damn hot or damn cold.

  8. its obviously a dead naked girl between some giant dead leaves. everything in thie picture is dead. im a summer person.

    -Randomocity strikes again!

  9. it was cool but as i started to say autumn motives about 10 times fast i started saying automotives
    2 illusions in 1

  10. I like the illusion I think you’re supposed to see the leaves before the girl.

    by the way I like spring best,as it’s not too hot, not too cold, the air is clean, and the grass is soft, but no one else has said spring yet.

  11. I saw only the leaves at first and when you said young girl I thought of a face so I quickly glanced down and thought I saw a face shape with the stems and the leaves were hair then I read “sleeping calmly” and then I found it, cause I figured it has to be a lying girl…

  12. i see a bird i really do look at it from the right and go back a little from the monitor(seriosly its not god to lick the screan)

  13. k haha! asoon as i saw this i knew it was more then leaves but then i looked at comments and saw it was a girl.great i.!

  14. i saw bird made out of the leaves, then i noticed the girls…but i still don’t get where the girl’s face is…i just a body…

  15. I saw many things mixed together in the leaves,like birds,faces,a girl,a skull,etc.I love this!Very,very nice.I prefer spring.Not too hot,not too cold…

  16. It’s funny, I seem to be the only one who sees a bird if you look from a distance.

    heyoren – A leaf looks like her hair

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