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    Today’s addition to Mighty Optical Illusions is actually a series of fun animal optical illusions. As I was poking around looking at some neat animal optical illusions, I ran across a series of clever ad campaigns run by the Buenos Aires zoo a while back. From what I can tell, this ad campaign […]

The Man Eating Giant

Hello everyone and welcome to Thursday! So, how are you all holding up? Well we are getting tired here in the office, so today we have pastry and double expresso iced coffee treats, and wow did that make us all feel a lot more alert and awake! Do any of you all love to drink […]

nun opticasl illusion

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday, which is apparently a very holy day of the week because of today’s optical illusion. No seriously, we are talking about this really funny image of a set of nuns that all have very gorgeous sexy legs! Hubba Hubba! No we are kidding! The nuns are not hiding anything […]

Super Ant

Hello everyone! Well today is Tuesday, and how has your week been so far? Might be a too soon to tell since it barely began, but you never know just what surprises a day can hold.  So how are all of you doing? Well some of us here in the office have been feeling under […]

Karate Cat Optical Illusion

Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday! We know, we know that the weekend is now over, and now it’s back to work. However, there are some things to look forward to like Friday when the Avengers 2 come out? We are all very happy about that movie coming out, and we are counting down the […]

Lady in the Woods

Hello to you all, and welcome to Sunday! So what did you all do yesterday to celebrate the first day of the two day weekend? Well we didn’t do anything very exciting ourselves, but we hope you all did for us! How many of you all are packing your stuff up and heading into the […]

Sunset beast

Good day everyone and welcome to Saturday, the very last one in the month of April. Wow did the month go by fast because it seems like just yesterday we all were dying eggs and cooking ham to celebrate Easter.  How many of you love to go outside when the sun is setting to watch […]

Invisible Man Goes to the Movies

Hello everyone! Well we have done it! We made it to Friday! Yay! High fives all around! So, now that it’s the very last day of the work week, we know you all are staring at the clock counting down the hours until you can go home and let the weekend begin.  There are a […]