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Sunsets are a source of fascination and intrigue for many people, myself included. The peace and quiet you can sometimes feel during a sunset is just amazing, especially after a long and stressful day. As the day winds down and the sun starts to hide for the night, the light starts to dim and the world […]

fountain illusion

Fountains has always been a source of fascination for me. I love just sitting and watching and listening to them. There’s something very soothing in the sight and sound of water spraying and falling in a fountain. I could sit there and watch a fountain forever. Of course, fountains are also a great source for […]


The Internet is perplexed over yet another optical illusion! This time, everyone seems to be up in arms about this shiny legs optical illusion… Most people see these legs as being super shiny. It appears as though the legs are covered in oil, causing light to reflect off of them. But, not everyone sees shiny […]

leaning tower of pisa illusion picture

A Leaning Tower of Pisa illusion picture is a must-have is you’re ever lucky enough to make it to the iconic Italian city of Pisa! Pretty much every tourist has had a photo taken of themselves with this slightly crooked tower. Usually, it’s a forced perspective photo giving the illusion of them pushing the tower […]

window shadow illusion

There’s nothing quite like the sun streaming through your window, especially in the morning. This isn’t exactly an easy thing to replicate, but I think that this surreal window shadow illusion does a pretty good job of it! At first glance, even I was fooled and thought that this was nothing but a shadow of […]

find hidden people

Who’s up for trying to find hidden people today? This hidden people illusion is a classic one, and it will probably make most of you think a little. In fact, it might even make some of you quite frustrated. I’m not going to tell you where all of the people are in this image, but […]

iron man lego illusion

I’m pretty sure everyone here has played with LEGO blocks at some point in their lives. If you didn’t play with them when you were a child, well…you’re deprived and possibly a little strange. But, I digress! You’ve probably played with them since you’ve grown up at least, either with your own kids or someone […]


Skull optical illusions have to be one of the most common illusions. I know we’ve posted several of them on the site already, but they’re always popular. There’s something drawing and alluring about the dark and macabre, I think, whether we like to admit it or not. And, since it’s getting closer to Halloween, I […]