Astonishing 3D Wall Painting Illusions

Jay sent me these magnificent murals done by the unknown artist (if you know who the artist is, please post). These photos look so real, that people really get confused. Trompe l’oeil is the phrase for these realistic murals, done in the same way Julian Beever paints sidewalks. I adore these kind of artistic expressions, since they not only have that illusion touch, but also show a great talent. This is what Jay wrote me:

Jay Kleinrichert: “These would fit somewhere in the “3D chalk drawings” category. Anyway, I’ve been a big fan of the site since I discovered your widget, checking it daily. I get inspired sometimes in my career as a graphic designer.”

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  1. WOW!!! It looks like you could walk right through that painting! This is one of the bests. I am a medieval/renaissance loving guy so I really like this one.

  2. Regarding comment #7, you are either implying that:
    1) This guy is rich and famous (I’ve never heard of him, and his clothes don’t look that nice) or
    2) You would be better at marketing yourself if you had this skill, so you are basically calling him an idiot.
    Nice job d bag.

    I like the paintings though

  3. GORGEOUS! There is amazing detail in each of these paintings–you can tell that just from the photographs. I wonder how long it took him to do all of these…! ;-)

  4. These are awesome. Great illusions.

    #10 has issues. You need to relax. Do you think he would wear his best clothes when he paints?

  5. regarding comment #10, look at where he is painting! nice house or what? And anyway, who paints wearing a £1000 tuxedo? and he didn’t give his name to the author, so obviously he dosen’t want fame!

    Anyway, these paintings are amazing, even though they only work from the angles shown :)

  6. For #10… give #7 some credit, the painter must make some money from all of the people that come to him wanting him to do a painting for them. I’m not saying that he’s rich and famous, but he has to have a pretty good amount of money. Think about it!

  7. lol i wonder how many people run into the walls cuz i know i would in an instant…
    For example…
    Me seeing this…
    Oh wow…look at that! I wanna see it!
    i’m run into glass panes before. i don’t think i’d have any trouble with this.

    13,Single…and lovin it

  8. To the number 10 guy thats rude…he was just stating how he felt prety much…don’t get soo up tight about his comment….but this picture is really cool i love it

  9. Regarding comment #10, you are implying that, YOU should have heard of him, or that, YOU figure painters should paint in “nice” clothes. (A suit… or Tuxedo maybe?)
    You’re proving YOU are an idiot.
    Nice job d bag.

  10. First of all comment 10 is not correct because maybe this guy is rich and famous and all comment 7??? is saying is that he is very skilled and talented… and also numero dos must be based off of numero UNO. I am sorry but whoever posted number 7 is giving a compliment to this artist and is not in any way meant to deserve being called a____ anyone care to debate???????

  11. Regarding comment # 10 :
    For point # 1: Just because you’ve never heard of him doesn’t mean he’s not famous, and he possibly wouldn’t want to get his ‘nice clothes’ dirty from the paint.
    For point # 2: Not everyone means the things they say/write in a negative way.

    The paintings are spectacular.

  12. I would love to hire that guy to paint my house. I love how he blended it in so nicely with the room.

    Wow #10.. they were trying to compliment the artist with a little bit of envy…. Its still a compliment…. The next time you paint a room, you should wear an Armani suit… of course his clothes aren’t going to look nice! He’s painting! D-uhh…..

  13. anon. 10, Well he is a bit famous cause nearly all the people who have this widget..i imagine a lot..have now seen his work. And everyone has said wow that is cool. And i would imagine he is quite relatively well off because lots of people would want this sort of thing and you are paying for him talent – but i would call him more of an idiot if he were painting in a suit though.

  14. Like all the articles on this web site I think that the wall painting are amongst the nicest that I have seen. Thank you Jay for sending them in.

    What a pity that commenter #10 has nothing better to do with their time than to knock other people. Sad

  15. WOW THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I can’t even draw a straight line LOL this type of artwork along with the 3D chalk drawings are really awesome!

  16. Attila asks,
    Can one purchase a painting like this in the form of contact paper (etc.) to simply apply to a wall? I’d imagine this artist would definatly sell a lot of em’!

  17. Honestly – I had a recurring dream a few years ago. In the dream I’d open my closet door and see – almost exactly what the artist has painted in this illusion.
    Absolutely fabulous stuff!

  18. Really impressive. I checked the artist’s site and found more amazing murals. I wonder if I could have something like this painted on my bedroom walls.

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