Area 51 Face Illusion

Well, Well (it’s Yerson, for another time). What an interesting location in Google Earth this is. It was sent by Nacho Bizznez, from Denver who wrote: “Found a face just outside of Area 51 with Google Earth. Interestingly, there is a very detailed face of someone.” I believe this is the best Google earth illusion I saw in my life. Look how the face curves are detailed, and how they compose a very detailed face of a man. I only think that it is little worn out. Do you agree? It looks more like a Jesus, only meaner. Or is it Hannibal Lecter, just like on DVD cover? What is your opinion? Well, I’ll let you decide for your selves. – Yerson

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  1. Looks like some russian guy. With the furry hat and the deep-set eyes. That’s cool. Maybe the government did it on purpose to show one of their rivals? I dunno.

  2. I think that is a really poor face couldn’t even see it until i saw the labeled image, and even then it is pretty rubbish.

  3. ive been to that spot in google earth i googled area 51 and that spot came up and i didnt c that face maybe photoshoped a little bit but it is a good google earth illusion

  4. Looks more like one of the ‘greys’ to me.

    Large forehead, big bug eyes and a tiny mouth.

    Conspiracy?? ;)

  5. I can see an even more detailed dragon head. His left eye is the dragons eye and the white spoltches is his snout and underbelly plates. Then his horn is the eybrow of the right eye? See him?

  6. A little far-fetched, but I can see how you would see a face in the image. All-in-all a nice find, Nacho! But not as detailed and clear as some of the other “face” illusions on here.

  7. I actually see a second face within the picture. Look to the left of the pointed out face, and you will see a lighter patch of ground. Directly to the left of the original “face”‘s eyes is the second faces forhead. Above the arrow which reads “nose” is the second faces nose. The arrow tip of the red line that says “Nose” is also covering it’s mouth, and directly below it is the second face’s chin.

  8. This one is far more interesting than the ones I’ve seen from Google Earth before- I don’t see Jesus.. not Hannibal Lecter, either.. I do see very mean face though- almost looks like Nixon in a odd way..


  9. I’m not so sure on this one. I didn’t see anything until I read the title and I saw the red arrows pointing it out. It is one of those things where we see what we are told to see. Especially when it comes to faces, like that Mars face!

  10. Seems like a bit of a stretch to me, this isn’t as good as a majority of the google earth shots that have been posted

  11. i guess its a good illusion cuz everybody can see what he wants… or just a very bad one cuz being area 51 makes you imagine bullsh*t

  12. don’t yoy think it’s a bit of a coincidence that it’s close 2 area 51.

    But what i whant to know is how does this person know where area 51 is

  13. I don’t know about you guys, I think it’s pretty cool though. It’s also not very hard for me to see either… I saw it right away.

  14. You people that can’t see it aren’t trying, it is so obviously I V Lenin. He must have hired out aliens to sculpt out his smirking expression on th US’s most secret ground to show who really won the cold war. Why he wanted them to include the enormous tumor on his upper right forehead i don’t know.

  15. Yes i beleive that there are aliens not so sre there is an area 51 though. I do think that you people that get to much into this kinda thing are paranoid! seriously! When we actually find an aliean then you can freak out about this kinda stuff but until it happens why keep making these rumors. I wont bellieve in area 51 until i see.

    thank you

  16. my hubby recons the google earth folk get board, and put these images in. A Dragon in china, an Alien face near area 51 etc.

  17. hmmm…stop taking the drugs you lot and you might see a bit more reality. seems we’re having some trouble finding genuine optical illusions…..

  18. I have seen better google earth, illusions, I guess it sort of looks like a streched out face, the eyes look very strange to me, and yes he spelled ‘forehead’ without the first e. I don’t see a dragon either.

  19. I disagree with all those saying it’s a stretch. You can see all the parts of the face very clearly, and they are all the correct shape (His left eye and lips are particularly impressive).

    By the way, the first picture shows it better. >_>

    This is probably the best Google Earth illusion I’ve seen, as all the others were either deliberate or could be explained by things like image stitching.

  20. Oh Ya! It’s not an illusion, just an interesting spot on the map. I’m happy with my first submission!
    Nacho Bizznez

  21. I agree with what SA2Tails said…
    It is not a a stretch. You can see all the parts of the face very clearly, and they are all the correct shape (His left eye and lips are particularly impressive).
    Cool very cool ;)

  22. This is pretty good. I saw the face right away. The diagram isn’t pointing to the mouth though. The mouth isn’t that close to the nose. It’s further down.

  23. I sent this link to alot if my friends, and I think they are responsible for posting the last few comments!
    (I noticed that this image along with my “Name” has been posted on “UFO” type of sites.) pretty cool…

  24. that is cool ive seen something like that befor carved n a tree near to where i live, and when will the goverment stop lying about this place when everyone knows its there.?????

  25. I found it on google earth! IT looks exactly the same as in the picture! It looks scary because it’s so lifelike. It’s head go’s up another half a mile! (measured on google earth.

    This is no joke…

  26. area 51 is a secret military base that has lots of sightings of alian space ships that art from any military in the world or any kind of space craft ever built

  27. it actually looks like an alien face with that big forehead and small face with close set features… kinda weird since it’s right outside of area 51

  28. ohh I see it. I thought in the first picture that the space underneath the face’s left eye was Homer Simson

  29. LOL yea it looks like mxx of bahoom of dr who!!

    Great illusion… i reckon there are aliens out there though…

    Government should stop lieing.. we all know its there!!

  30. I saw it immediately… Very cool that someone would find something like this just like that.
    To me it looks like someone walking away and glancing back sort of…

  31. The road just under all of that is the famous “groom lake road”!

    another thing…if mars had a polar flip, this face is in the same spot that the face on Mars is!!!the face here on Earth is upside down South is up down is North.


    (Yes i AM being silly, though seriousely, large eyes and forehead? small nose, chin, and neck? thats how people describe them…)

  33. All I have to say is people see what they want to see. It “kind of” looks like a face, i wouldn’t get too excited though, if you stare at it long enough, people are just gonna see what they want to.

  34. There’s Too many face’s around area 51… near Groom lake.

    i even saw an Skull slight left and major up of groom lake(entrance i think)

    There is too many Extra-ordinare things Close to area 51 and i really support alien doings there.(i think :P)
    Search this one: Unsolved mystery
    its close to Area 51 and there are many thing that i guess are unexplained there.

  35. Oh i guess there is an violation here about double-posting but there is no “edit” button on your own post :(

    near the “unsolved mystery” i said earlier.
    there are many moving rocks in it (especially on the “racetracks” places.)

    Here’s another one Just use the directions button

    “Lights off on Grandstand” lat=36.69289, lon=-117.569268

    “Lights off on Grandstand” lat=36.69289, lon=-117.569268
    Can someone explain this to me? im just 11 ya know :P

  36. Wow, that’s kinda creepy lol.
    To me, I don’t care if you have objections, it looks like the guy (or whatever) is putting his finger to his mouth and saying “Shh.” Or something.

    Meh, that’s enough mind-benders for me anyway.

  37. i see another face. beside the “alien” face, theres a face on the left side on the top photo. it looks a lot like one of those statues of the men. it shows its face.

  38. I just found it myself on Google Earth. It’s not easy to see. In fact it’s so invisible I not really sure it’s worth looking at…

  39. It looks like robot terminator, that area 51 is the site of any alien who wants to invade our planet. Maybe in our subconscious mind there truth about it.

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