Are They Kissing?

Loïs Levy spotted this accidental illusion, shot somewhere on streets of India (I presume). At first there is nothing extraordinary about this photograph – just some bloke gazing an eye on an attractive passer-by. But wait! Those of you who spotted the shadow on a near-by poster probably saw the illusion already. Those of you that haven’t.. well, wish you more luck next time!

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  1. That’s a sweet image. I don’t know if it was spontaneous or staged but if it was in fact by chance it is one of those rare confluences of events that captures a delightful scene.

    1. I saw that too instantly! haha I thought it was funny the little paragraph above pointing out the illusion & for those who didn’t see it right away “better luck next time”… the pup noticed it before them. lol =)

  2. Nice.
    Interesting how the dog is looking at the shadows kissing. Can’t help thinking this picture has been faked, but can’t prove it although the mans collar doesn’t seem quite right and the girls right arm and hand doesn’t produce the shadow I thought it should.

  3. The lady’s shadow seems to have its head tilted back more than the lady does and the guy’s shadow doesn’t seem to have its head turned as much as the guy does – photoshopped?

  4. Very cool photo! I love how not only is the kissing shadow on an advertisement for the “ultimate adhesive,” but for some reason, the dog is staring at the shadows! One-in-a-million shot. Bravo to the photographer.

  5. I don’t think this is an illusion but rather a photoshop job. The ‘pose’ of the models does not match the ‘pose’ of the shadows. Taking in accordance that the ad on the wall is for a brand of adhesive, I think the whole picture is ment as an advertisement.

  6. It’s kinda hard to miss the “hidden” illusion in this one. It’s kinda front and centre. Maybe it’s just me, but I would think that the shadows are the first thing you would see and only notice the illusion when you stopped to look at the actual people.

  7. Just putting it out there – the sillhouette (sorry about my horrible spelling) of the male in the photo looks strikingly like Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)

  8. This is clearly fake, although the womam is much far from the wall than the man, their shadows have almost the same high.And the dog is barking to the shadows? Cammom!

  9. Blatant Photoshop, and not a very good one, as the figures don’t match the shadows.. his bag, his arms, the orientation of both of their heads, not to mention the fact that the shadows have the same opacity and blur factor, even though the sources of those shadows are not in precisely the same place. No one should be fooled by this, but it would make a good advertisement for deodorant, gum, or anything else that images like this can sell.

  10. Am I the only one to notice that this is not a photo, but a painting? Very possibly digitally done, but artwork of a medium other than photography without a doubt.

  11. Even the dog’s shadow has the same level of opacity and blur as the other two, but he’s right by the wall. Awful Photoshop, but a good idea. The artist (and anyone who thinks that this is real) just needs to learn to pay attention to the details.

  12. Totally shopped, there is no accident here. The physics of the shadows and the angles… it’s just all wrong. It’s cute but decieving

  13. it’s faked and the fact is too apparent. The object distance and image distance do not match with one another. it might be embarrassing for the persons originally present there.

  14. Why are so many commenters here wasting time analysing the angles of the shadows or other minor details?

    This is obviously an advert for Fevicol, that fact that the logo and slogan are the focus of the picture should give that away immediately, without having to look at anything else.

  15. this is a created image for the adhesive brand Fevicol. They do a lot of such ads, some in print and some weird tv commercials too.

  16. that picture is impossible. the woman’s shadow must be bigger than of the man. notice that the man is near to the wall. that makes his shadow as big as him. but the woman’s shadow is far from the wall then it must be bigger. you can try it if you want.

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