Apple Mighty Mouse Optical Illusion

Guy called Dan Bowles, made an interesting discovery when accidentally lifted his Apple Mighty Mouse in certain angle. He looked at the red LED pattern underneath and this is what he found. As you see, when looking at the picture below, it forms the shape of a cartoon character Mighty Mouse. Is this a hardare Easter Egg made by Apple, or just a concidence? Check more pictures, and post your comments. If you also have Apple’s Mighty Mouse, be sure to check this, and if it works, take the picture (if possible) and post the link in comments or email it. Enjoy!

And the joke at the end :) Can you guess who this is?

75 Replies to “Apple Mighty Mouse Optical Illusion”

  1. The Mighty Mouse must be tilted 45 degrees forward in order to get this projection.
    Otherwise, it’s just a squishy blob. It’s just the natural shape of the LED that’s causing the variously sized circles.
    That’s an awesome find.

  2. I’m not sure. But you can kind of tell that it is a coincidence because when you try on your apple muse nothing shows up, but like some people said you have to tilt it to and angle and when i did that mine turned to a dog. So i’m thinking it might just be a coincidence because the lense inside the mouses have dust in them and form different shapes. But I’m not 100% sure. 0_o

  3. this works with my mac mouse also. knowing the people at mac as well as I do (connections) it probably is more than just coincidental. very cool find though!

  4. mine looks like a jak o lantern!cats(and the last image) rule(s)!hey!malelola copied my coment!>:(go meeow=^.^=(kitties rule!=^.^=)

  5. mine is like this little bunny thing. But that is sooo kewl! I totally wanna get a mighty mouse now. WOW! I never would have known…

    kewl site by the way! ;^)

  6. I just have a cheap optical mouse and I can make some strange ant-like creature (Bugger/Formic from Ender’s Game series or Cho-Ja from Raymond E. Feist’s books?)

    I’m pretty sure that last one is either photoshopped or built in purposefully.

  7. the last picture is flawed. the hand is holding the mouse the wrong way for a projection to be shown (well, unless it’s a genius netscroll)

    by the way, my mouse isnt moighty, its just a pro, and it still makes the mouse picture. pity the mouse is scratchy tho….

  8. thats cool. my mighty mouse does the same thing. i think it’s mostly coincidence but apple may have tweaked it a little.

  9. ha i saw this post and lifted my mighty mouse at once ;D

    it really looks like that. never noticed that before oO

    nice mice ;D

  10. Mine shows some funky LED/laser thing that I’d assume it uses to see where I’m moving it. Of course it could be the Ghost in the Machine…

    It also squeaks and plugs into a cheese wedge to recharge.

  11. I have an HP optical mouse and it makes some kind of insane design with what looks like possible writing in it… not sure what to think of that one…

    1. ’tis Santa Claus, the man who lands on people’s roofs at Christmas Eve, and brings presents to the lil kids

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