Another Scary Optical Illusion

Check this out. What I’m about to show you is an illusion you don’t see every day! Observe the woman shown on your right. Would you say her eyes are shut or wide open? Something is painted alright, the only problem is whether she’s having fake eyes painted on top of her eyelids, or perhaps only her eyebrows aren’t genuine. What do you think?

If you’re into scary illusions, there was this one particular picture that resembled today’s photo. I think the article went live almost 5 years ago under “Scary Illusion no.5” headline. Be sure to check it out and decide which one you like better. What I do know is that the real answer (for both of these pictures) is trickier than you think!

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    1. her eyes are closed! you can see a little crease on her eyelids at the top where her actual eyballs curve into her head. normally people have a thicker set of eylashes on the top than on the bottom. She has nothing on the top and the amount of eyelashes that would be on the top on the bottom. and yes it is possible to do makeup that precise and realistic. Its a hoax.

    2. I think it looks like she has transluscent eyelids sealed with heavy mascara with the haunting genuine look in her unmistably real eyes!

  1. That’s horrible!!! The last thing I need to see are images/photos like this! I have enough extreme stressors and sadness in my life! I’m trying to distract and help myself. I don’t want to feel worse!! Please do not display these types of photos on my google page! :(( :|

    1. Stressors, what kind of lonely, screwed up make beleive self defeating life do you live anyway, cut out the drama and stay off this site

    2. Steve- mate seriously?!! Did you have to be so rude? If she does have issues do you really think that’s going to help! Insults like that are juvenile. I do however get your point. But it could have been said in a nicer non-arsehole way!
      Kim- babe if this makes you feel low then don’t go on this site. Maybe you need to talk to someone? The fact that this sets you off is a bit strange and you need some serious help.

  2. nahh… its not painted..
    my friend does this with her dSLR camera all the time. you just have a long shutter speed and open your eyes half way through..

  3. Well her left eye looks odd if she has fake eyelashes instead of painted eyes…
    I vote for her eyes are closed.

  4. The eyes look super real (in B&W) but I’m gonna go with them being painted. First they seem just a little bit off-centre in the eye-sockets, second the face seems illuminated from our right while the eyes are shining from our left, but most importantly there is no skin fold where the upper lid gets tucked away when the eyes are open.

  5. yeah well I could go both ways with that one, on one hand it looks like she has her eye lids closed with eyes painted on. And on the other hand it looks like she cut her top eye lashes & double up on the bottom ones. By the way; that “scary optical illusion” looks like a “remake”/”updated” “scary illusions no. 5”.

  6. Didn’t Johnny Depp do this on one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Anyway, here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

  7. great illusion…yet can’t it be full screen when one clicks the link…at this point it’s just another pic…g

  8. I did this before! It is not an illusion, is just a trick you can do with the shutter of a camera.

    For example, if you live your camera shutter open for one minute (60 seconds), you start the photo with open eyes for about 30 seconds and then you close your eyes for the other 30 seconds. And the result is the same as this picture.

  9. This is really easy to do with your camera, just get low lighting and have a long exposure. While taking the picture have the subject open and close their eyes during it and voila!

    1. though in this case it looks like she had her eyes closed for the picture and opened them just before the lens closed up.

  10. Ok I’m not great at these things. But i figure either her closed eyes are painted,
    or her bottom eyelashes have mascara/false lashes on them..then again i think im wrong.

  11. Oh comon…theres nothing there to fool about..the woman got her eyes closed…some people in real life look odd…but no that odd.

  12. I’m going with.. her eyes are open and are shaded over somehow.
    The entire thing is a piece of body art.

  13. I couldn’t tell. I think they’re closed, and fake eyes are painted since there is a little grey spot next to the eyes. then again it is black & white.

  14. This definitely is the best version, the eyes are just good enough to make you think they are real but also vague enough to hesitate.

  15. It’s definitely her eyes that are painted on. Her eyelashes are real. I don’t think the illusion has anything to do with her eyebrows though, is that a typo?

  16. It’s hard to say really, because the resolution of the photo is relatively poor. The whites aren’t very white, which leads me to believe the eyes are painted on. But the detail I can see in the iris is pretty good for a paint job.

  17. If you adjust the photo in a photo editing program, you can see that the eyes are shut and that the eyeballs are painted on. But I don’l know why the eyebrows are painted on too.

  18. SO WHERE are the answers to all of these illusions?

    I think in this one, she has false eyelashes fixed under her eyes, but Rojas might be on to something.
    You think they painted her eyelids? They didn’t superimpose a photo of eyes on the eyelids?
    Thanks for any replies,

  19. Here’s a thought – what if they are both open and closed? What if this is a photo of the girl with her eyes open laid over a photo of her with her eyes closed??

  20. maybe she is missing one or both of her eye(s)and so one or both eye(s) are glass eye(s)
    which could explain the creep stare. or could simply be painted on her eye lids idk. if you kno the answer to the illusion let me kno.Reply

  21. if you look really closely you can see that her left eye is open and her right eye is closed with an eye painted on it. You can tell this by the small crease created by the open left eye in the upper right corner of the left eye and its absense from the right eye. (directions are from the observers side)

  22. Its a very simple picture to take as long as u have a camera that u can extend the exposure. I actually had this happen on just a basic ditial camera. But with the right camera its really easy just have the person shut there eyes while taking the picture and there u go.

  23. i think that they are shut. i have seen so many pics where people have painted on fake eyes on there eyelids, it is just flashing in my face, and it doesnt help that it is in black and white either :P

  24. they already gave you the answer. upside down and squint, you will see that nose and lips are painted on. mouth is covered. eyes are open

  25. Painted eyelids. Look at the shine on the lip gloss of where the light is reflecting.Doesnt match the painted ‘shine’ on the eyeballs – the painted shine also does not match each other precisely enough to be real.

    VERY COOL though!

  26. grammar nazi time: you mean eyelashes? lol eyebrows…

    annnnnyyyywaaayys i think it’s painted, just the way that the shadows fall makes me think it’s painted rather than fake lashes.

  27. It’s her eyes. They’ve been painted or tattooed to look like her eyes are open, when they’re actually close. If you look at where her top lashes are supposed to be, they aren/t there.

    1. [img][/img]
      I think it’s been painted. I’ve done the same…..though it’s a lot harder to paint it on your own face than someone else’s

  28. Check the musicvideo “Barrel of a Gun” from Depeche Mode. There is the singer tumbling around, looking around, but the eyes are always closed with painted eyes on it. ^^

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