Another Drunk Test

Thanks to Sheila, here’s another Drunk Test for all of you! Check out the picture below, and see if you are able to focus your vision. We all know how this works – double eyes and mouth were artificially added to the photo, yet why is it then so hard to look at her ? I think it has something to do with our brain automatically recognising the face and its major elements, then trying to process received information which comes into conflict with what our eyes are actually seeing. It’s that, or we are all simply drunk…

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    1. The other nose, as it were, it there. Look at the area at the lower side of the upper set of eyes. you can see the lower part of the second nose protruding towards the upper side of the lower set of eyes. They superimposed her face up. The head and whole face is elongated. Weird! It is hard to look at. Good illusion!

  1. Wow! That is one of the most potent illusions I have every experienced! It makes me sick just looking at it.

    And great job posting daily; it’s twice as much fun when there is a new illusion every day. Keep it up!

  2. Interesting, I found it easyist to focus on the mouth and eyes that where closest together. It made a whole face and I could ignore the rest as just distractions.

  3. I find that if I have my mind focus on the eyes and mouth closest to the nose – which are in proper relation to each other – I can let the rest of the image become extraneous. Outside that central “face”, the image “defocuses”, and I can then view what appears to be a context-free set of eyes, nose, and mouth in the center that I can place my attetion on without the “drunk” effect (as you call it).

  4. Weird, it’s like we see two sets of eyes and two mouths and our brain assumes it’s out of focus, so tries to refocus your eyes to make one mouth/one pair of eyes but can’t and starts having a panic!

  5. I’m thinking that the bottom set of eyes, and mouth were the ones added.
    boy, that really WAS hard to look at…
    next illusion, PLEASE!

  6. wasn’t hard to look at or focus, I just had a hard time figuring out which eye to look at (as if I was looking at her). Then again I have the same problem sometimes with just one pair of eyes.

  7. turn your head 90 degrees cross your eyes than adjust your cross eyes it took about an hour to figure this out!

  8. Hey you can look at this without your brain going nuts look at it sideways it works for me but looking at it normal side up turns my brain to jelly lol

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