Another Coffee Bean Man Illusion

Remember our original Coffee Bean Man optical illusion? Well, all of you that weren’t satisfied with my last few illusions picks, I hope this one will give you a headache! Hehe, assignment is the same – try and find the hidden bean man inside this coffee pile below. It shouldn’t be too hard, though. Still, it depends how you approach the problem. Don’t let previous Coffee illusions guide you in this quest. Funny thing is that the person hidden in the image looks somewhat like Afro-American version of McCain.

As all of you know, yesterday there was very important day for USA, as well as for the whole world. US citizens elected Barack Obama as the next US president. I have to admit I’m very satisfied with their choice, and look forward to see if he’ll be able to bring world back on right tracks. Where do you stand on this?

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  1. I found it! It’s not an actual face like the last time though. I really hate politics and know nothing about it but I’m glad obama won. McCain annoys me

  2. Finding the face was easy! To make the illusion a little better, they could’ve colored the beans a closer shade to the rest of the beans, but hey.. I’m not complaining!
    I also agree that Obama was a good pick for the presidency. I keep hearing negative comments about him and his ethnicity, which irks me somewhat. It’s not about his ethnicity or religion, it’s about how he is going to help the US get out of what Bush put us in.
    There’s my little rant, good day!

  3. wow.

    Interesting how voting against Obama means I’m racist. I guess if I voted against the ticket with Palin on it, I’d be a sexist and chauvinist.

    Sometimes it’s not about ethnicity, but about actually thinking through the issues. I guess we get another 4 years worshiping at the altar of Molech.

  4. At first sight I really thought it was meant to be a squirrel! (not as an offense to McCain) If you see the light brown area as a tail, the blue thing as an eye, the two upper beans of that eye as his two ears and with some imagination, you could also see him holding a nutt.

  5. jaguarbrent, voting against Obama doesn’t make you look like a racist; it just makes you look like an idiot ;)

    But seriously, a 72 year old couldn’t cope with working 16 hour days with 4 or 5 hours sleep each night (read an autobiography of any of the recent presidents, democrat or republican, they all mention the sheer number of hours work involved and lack of sleep.) And if he croaked the country would be left with a woman who doesn’t even believe in abortion for victims of rape or incest, and didn’t even own a passport until she received the vice-president position. Palin was as mad as a box of snakes, and wasn’t capable of running a bath let-alone a country.

    Hint for the illusion: It’s the head and shoulders of a man looking to the right. The lighter, tan colored beans are the hair with the purple beans at the bottom forming the top of the shoulders. Just below and to the right of the tan-colored beans is a small blue dot which is his eye.

  6. Hi

    I can see an eye on the midle of the pic, just a weird eye looking me funny. The face may be under the beans. So, nothing more than a funny eye!

  7. Did my previous comment worked?

    I just said that I couln’t see more than a weird eye on the midle of the pic, and the face seems be under the beans.

  8. i can’t find the face! *getting infuriated, drumming fingers, always a bad sign* i could find the last one, but this one has thwarted me… cool anyway.
    anyways, over the moon about Obama winning! he deserved it so much more, being young and full of ideas. also, having a black president will be a huge leap forward for our favourite war-mongering country. McCain would have just hopped the twig and left Palin which would have been A BAD THING. wow, i love internet anonymity! i’m not normally this loud! (on second thoughts, i am…)anyway, bye for now!

  9. SPOILER!: Look for the small blue dot, once found, look into it for a couple of seconds then move your eyes slowly around the image, thus, appearing the man. Enjoy =]

  10. i can’t see the face! aaargh! *getting infuriated* i could see the last one, but this has me thwarted… as for Obama, i’m over the moon. he deserved it so much more, being young and full of ideas. also, a black president will be a huge step forward for our favourite war-mongering country. McCain would have just hopped the twig and left Palin which would be A BAD THING, obvs. anyways, i should really stop chatting now, so bye! ps. i should have said this at the beginning, but i’m new to this site so hi!

  11. Quote: “I’m glad obama won. McCain annoys me”

    Unfortunately a lot of sitizens in the US vote with an idea like this in mind. Such a mentality is not going to bring the US anywhere.

  12. ==SPOILER==

    if you look in the middle-left, you will probably see some beans that are a light-brownish color instead of the dark brown of the other beans. that is the man’s hair. the “picture” of the man is taken from the side, with him looking to the right. a small blue dot can be seen slightly to the right of the hair, that’s his eye.

    Also, there are some slightly redish beans below the head– his shirt/torso

    Hope this helped!

  13. finding the face is simple, unlike last time – there is not an actual human face hidden in the beans instead if you look in the very center of the image you can see a sort of “cartoonish” profile of a person. It’s easy to spot because the beans are a slightly different color. Additionally – if you look closely you can see the eye of the person is represented by a (very tiny) blue dot.

  14. Thank you. I’m glad that other countries can support that we’ve elected a man who will bring this world back together.
    I’m proud, again, to be an American.

  15. Greetings!
    You know, I think the face looks more like Alfred Hitchcock than McCain. On politics, I’d have to agree with i luv the teen titans!
    Love your site, by the way!

  16. Even though I’m too young to vote, I support McCain because he is against abortion and has proven his character by serving in a war and being tortured. Plus he doesn’t want to tax businesses or put higher taxes on the successful.

    I found coffee bean man!

  17. spoiler alert!okay so u see there are different types of shades(yellow,purple).This is not a face like last time.Yellow shade is his hair, purple is his jumper.If your look to your right a little from the yellow shade you should see a blue dot thats his eye.Im irish but exellent chocie on obama for pres(sorry boxman did`nt win smosh).

  18. Found it, with difficulty though. Congrats to US of A for the choice that will make the change. Reminds me of an old song…”what a difference a day makes, 24 little hours……and the difference is you! “

  19. I think I see it, as for the next 4 years….. Look for your electric bill to sky rocket. Another way to look at it…. were doomed. And before anyone goes off on me being a racist, far from it.

  20. SPOILER: The lighter brown beans in the left-center are the hair. There is an eye that is not a bean. It’s just a profile of a guy staring off to the right. Purple beans at the bottom are the body.

  21. The lighter colored beans are the guy’s head. There’s also a half of a bean and there’s some blue. I think it’s supposed to be the eye.

    As far as the election, my father wanted McCain and my mother wanted Obama. It was veryy interesting living in the same as them. But after hearing a year of arguing, I’ve come to like Obama more than McCain, although neither of them are great.

  22. me: im not so happy that obama won. plus me and my bf broke up, so today hasnt been very friendly to me. i found the face easily. no, i guess it doesnt matter to you ppl so watevr. the face jut looks like my bro came and set tem a dfferent way than the others. who cares?

  23. Where have all the ILLUSIONS gone?
    ‘Spot the difference’,
    ‘Find the hidden animal’
    and ‘Where’s Wally’, despite being kind of fun, are most definitely NOT illusions.

    Oh, and Jaguarbrent, get a grip: Your logic is entirely flawed.

  24. To jaguarbrent, that’s not what I was saying. I was just stating that the MAJORITY of comments I have heard about Obama being elected for the presidency has been about his race. Mostly about him being Muslim, which is false.
    I also didn’t say that everyone who voted against him was racist, go back and read it again.
    I’m not trying to sound rude or angry or anything of that sort, just next time make sure you understand before getting all bent out of shape! Have a good rest of the day (or night). [:

  25. yeah it was hard to find as i was expecting a face, not a siluet…

    SPOILER below
    the person is looking the the right,
    the greenish-brown beans make you his hair.

    once you’ve found it, u realise how pronounced it actually is

  26. gee if you do the other face in the beans this one really throws you out.. and vise versa.. they are nothing alight..

    this one your trying to make a face out of the beans and in the other your trying to find the bean that is a face…. totally different.. if you don’t agree.. i dont know what planet or bean ur from

  27. Voting against Obama because you disagree with his policy doesn’t make you a racist, don’t jump to conclusions here. But if you voted against him because of his ethnicity that wuold be racist.
    I’m also happy obama won by the way.

    Back to the illusions. The face is more like just a head. It looks kind of cartoony!

  28. I found this one faster than the last.
    It is a great moment in history we’ve witnessed here. Now it seems more true, the notion that ‘when you grow up… you can be president.’ I think all politicians are the same and I’ve come to see the office of the president as little more than a figure head, but it speaks volumes of how far we’ve come as a county in just forty years or so. What was once unthinkable just happened with a resounding “yes we can!” Times they are a changing and I’m glad to be along for the ride.

  29. i see a sideways face, neck shoulder… once i found it i couldn’t not see it. wan’t too hard but i like that it didnt frustrate the hell out of me either. good one.
    yeah… i’m an obama supporter too… (the rest of my family is not with me though). we need some CHANGE and i am READY!!!

  30. It isn’t just a face, it’s the profile of the head and shoulders. And it’s facing right.

    I think Obama is a great choice who can move the country forward and break some of the racial prejudices that still exist in our country. He is an inspiration to so many people, including myself. It is truly amazing how far the country has come in the short time since segregation was everywhere, to now, when an African-American is the president of the United States of America. Go Obama!

  31. I did not vote (didn’t register in time) but I’m glad that it was Obama and not McCain. I don’t really have a problem with McCain, as much as I do his choice of VP. But I think his cheeks looked really kinda strange.
    I hope Obama does a good job. A lot of people are really glad for him.

    P.S. (gotta stick to the topic)
    look at the lighter beans, you should see the image

  32. Found the face easy enough. Now in response to jaguarbrent; no, voting against Obama doesn’t make you racist. Voting against him because of the color his skin is. It is all fine and fair if you selected your presidential candidate because of the issues and their opinions towards them, not because you believe that their religion or race is a big fator.

  33. **SPOILER**
    Various features of the person are made up of different colored beans.
    I see hair and an upper torso….
    I love this site!!!!! Keep up the good work.

  34. took a second but i kinda just woke up or w/e

    and about OBAMA who i’ve been supporting for a while now, this was great and monumental and i am so happy that for my first time voting in a presidential election, this was the one i got to vote in it had nothing to do with him being black for me it was all about what he stood for and honestly palin was not someone i was ready to deal with she was trying to set women back progressively and that is something i think so many people didn’t understand.

    but yea whoo!! OBAMA ’08

    1. you’re an idiot. Your facts about Palin and your vote for obama is just plain stupid. 8 million jobs in 2007, 8 million jobs loss in 2010. Yeah, you voted because he was black and a rockstar. maybe next time you won’t waste your vote.

  35. I’m sorry, but when 98% of the black populous votes for a black president and yet, most of those voters don’t think that he has enough experiance to be president I find something wrong – dare I say “predigest or racist”?

  36. Having difficulty finding the face. Which is a good thing – not every illusion needs to be easy.

    All the Australians I know are THRILLED with the Obama result. It feels like the US just grew up and voted for a plain-speaking, forward-looking, confident, smart, trustworthy and sensible leader. Congratulations to US citizens, from someone in another place affected by your policies and decisions.

  37. Right in the middle, persons profile. Shadows give it away. Its people that dont study the facts about Obama and vote just on if he’s nice, or I like his smile, or the way he talks and not on the fact that Obama want a civil military, cut spending on military weapons advancement, take from the rich and give to the poor, for coal then against, and so on, that have sent this counrty into a nightmare that will take a long time to wake up from. just you see. dont believe me, youtube has all these things taken from the horses mouth. And thats my two bits to say. and its to late to change things. 4 sad years ahead.

  38. look from far back and you see it straight away.

    the different coloured beans give it away. shame really.

    why do people care about 1st comments? so weird!

  39. Yeah, altar of Molech. I am saddened by the direction that Obama will take the country in in regards to issues of conscience.

  40. One final comment I am making.
    Republicans had EIGHT years to fix this country and what did Bush do? He put us in deeper. Clinton helped us with debt when he was running this country and he is a Democrat. Bush just put us back into that hole and dug us even deeper. So I did not want another Republican (with the same views as Bush) running this country again. I think a Democrat will help us out of this recession.

    Its the internet. people type. they mess up.

    My dad can’t spell, but i would not argue politics, history, etc. with him.

    As for the election, I don’t think it matters more than that this election shapes the next.

    The illusion was easy. Where did all the illusions go? Seriously.

    Did anyone vote for Caboose and Church?
    Caboose 08!!!!!

  42. I don’t see why people think the Bush is to blam for us being in the hole. Even Obama said in his speech after he won that it is up to us to fix the problems, not him. It isn’t Bushes fault that jobs keep getting sent overseas. It isn’t his fault that companies hire illeagle immagrants. It is the people that run the companies that are to blame. Heck, Wal Mart should take some blame. They are the ones that see stuff at an insanly low price. How do they get a low price? The manufacturer has to use cheeper parts and get cheeper labor to mee Wal-marts demands. Also, It was the President that gave out loans to people that couldn’t afford to pay the banks back.

  43. can finally see it, yay! though it took my dad several tries to outline the head for me until i got it… don’t worry, i don’t normally resort to that.
    anyways, the fact i can now see a head and not a squirrel has made my day.
    (see previous post for my views on the election… you know, if you can be bothered).

  44. Why is it that everyone talks about how Obama is black? I mean, he’s white, too but you never hear anyone talking about it…isn’t THAT racist? Anyhow, I wasn’t pleased with either Obama or McCain. We don’t HAVE to choose a Rebpublican OR a Democrat–there are other options. If we want to see a REAL change, we’ll get both Dems and Reps out of the White House. That’s just my opinion.

  45. I think I found it, but his lips look really big! haha i’m probably wrong.

    I’m glad obama won, too, and yes, Sarah Palin was ‘madder than a box of snakes’. but seriously, stop talking about how McCain would have died. it’s annoying. and whoever thinks that jaguarbrent is a racist for voting McCain is extremely stereotypial and ignorant.

  46. I’m not english but at school we didn’t go to class (we didn’t hear the bell) because we absolutely wanted to know who won (we were for OBAMA)!!!!!
    Does the colour of the face and the form is supposed to be OBAMA?

  47. I think Obama has inspired millions, which is a first great step toward an even better America. It is a historic election, there is no doubt about that, but I wouldn’t care what his skin color was, he has made me believe I can make a difference! YES WE CAN!

  48. A note to all of you claiming that the country is doomed for the next four years because Obama was elected…
    People were claiming the exact same things after Clinton was elected. And he was one of the best presidents the USA has ever had.
    Just thought I’d mention that.

  49. Obama deserved to win much more than McCain because of how badly McCain ran his campaign, even though Obama will be just as bad as Bush, on the liberal side instead of the “conservative” side.

  50. what is wrong with america bush did not do anything wrong and u wanna know where oboma started his polotics at a terrerists house. o and ya those people who say “people who dont vote for oboma r racest” well we r not racest ok we just dont like what he belives in like changing america do u have a house yes do your perents have jobs prolly and i mean when bush was president

  51. Voting against Obama isn’t racist. People who say that don’t understand politics, if you ask me. I voted against Obama because he doesn’t represent moral judgment to me. His positions do not represent life or family and those are foundations for any good nation. Hopefully, he will change. Then he would be great.

  52. The fact that the WHOLE world is happy with Obama as president and JUST the american republicans see him as one of the signs for the apocalypse really says a lot about republicans, heh.

    Yeah, I was really looking forward to the world where McCain gets senile and declares war on Russia and China at the same time, while rambling “Damn Commies”. After all, we all dream to live in the ragtag and hopeless world of “Mad Max”.

    Really, Obama is the first USA president in more than 20 years to actually consider diplomacy an alternative to invading a country and launching the occasional continental missile. What a monster, huh?

  53. u’ve honestly got to check your eyesight — how the heck does that resemble John McCain?
    Not that i’m supporting him — i like Obama more

  54. looking to the right. the blue dot is his eye. noticed the colour of the beans? follow that and you got him. dont look for a face like in the first one, this face is really big and made of beans.

  55. Whoever has voted for Obama – happy now?
    I still think that there is lots of racism going on in this country – but now it’s black people oppressing other more civilized and tolerant races…

  56. You’re right: it does look kinda like a “black” McCain. Just left of dead center of the picture there is a coffee bean that looks like an eye, it’s looks like a little blue dot. Fill in the face from there.

  57. Why are most of you guys talking about people?
    This is an optical illusion website not a people website!

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