Angel Columns Optical Illusion

Here is a new set of columns featuring negative-spaces that form an interesting optical illusion. Photo was taken at the Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany, where the columns were originally created by David Barker in 1989 for Exploratorium (the San Francisco museum of science, art, and perception). The columns are truly unique, featuring spaces between them that resembles human figures. It’s not the first time we feature such illusion, but it’s certainly most effective among the bunch!

4 Replies to “Angel Columns Optical Illusion”

  1. Simple but effective. Visited the Exploratorium for great hands on science. I understand that it has been “updated” and has added new attractions.

  2. As Iggogle is going to shut down, I would like to use Netvibes.
    but as far as MOI is concerned, the usual rss feed displays only text. Is it possible to have a widget or an RSS feed that would display the last illusions image, as it was the case in Igoogle ?

    I use Firefox on Mac as well,
    I am not a fan of Mac widget in general as it consume space and CPu activities wheneven toure are not wanting to use them…

    Do anyone miss igoogle and what else will you use or recommend ?

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