An Impossible Wheel Optical Illusion

Halfway through the week, and I’m already ready to throw in the towel. Not with you guys, though; I love you guys! So much so, that I spend lots of time scouring the Internet looking for awesome illusions and cool pictures each and every day. It’s getting a little harder to find unique pictures, but I still manage. In fact, sometimes, I find some really decent ones, I think. This morning, I have for you an impossible wheel optical illusion…

impossible wheel

Depending on how you look at this impossible wheel, it could be facing two different ways. It’s actually a little hard to tell where the wheel is facing! It’s at least enough to make you do a double take on a slow Wednesday morning…

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  1. I love the Impossible Wheel illusion because it symbolizes the way the world seems to be heading. Don’t throw in the towel! Your illusions are great! Will keep my eyes open, and if I come across good illusions in my wanderings I will send them to you.

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