Amazing Shadow Tree Illusion

Artist who goes by the name DigitEL sent me this incredible photo. My guess was that it happened by accident, but the effect is extraordinary! DigitEl said the same thing: “Here is one that kind of snuck up while photographing the red foliage hedge. I have always taken variations of a view with poles, wires, and other shadows included, but it was not until looking at the captured image… made me suddenly grin at the play between tree trunk shadow and the red hedge. Enjoy!” Here and then I post an illusion that is truly great. In its meaning as well as the plain beauty of the photo. Well, this one has it all! For more shadow illusions check those National Geographic Camels, Frisbee shadow and airport Basketball Player. Also don’t forget to see this cool video by master Shigeo Fukuda. If you are social bookmarking type, please help us gain popularity by adding this illusion to you, fark, technorati, reddit, stumbleupon or digg bookmark. Thanks!

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  1. I think this is such a good Illusion. At first glance it appears to just be a tree. I looked again and then realized it was a shadow.

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