Amazing Shadow Tree Illusion


Artist who goes by the name DigitEL sent me this incredible photo. My guess was that it happened by accident, but the effect is extraordinary! DigitEl said the same thing: “Here is one that kind of snuck up while photographing the red foliage hedge. I have always taken variations of a view with poles, wires, and other shadows included, but it was not until looking at the captured image… made me suddenly grin at the play between tree trunk shadow and the red hedge. Enjoy!” Here and then I post an illusion that is truly great. In its meaning as well as the plain beauty of the photo. Well, this one has it all! For more shadow illusions check those National Geographic Camels, Frisbee shadow and airport Basketball Player. Also don’t forget to see this cool video by master Shigeo Fukuda. If you are social bookmarking type, please help us gain popularity by adding this illusion to you, fark, technorati, reddit, stumbleupon or digg bookmark. Thanks!

  • Graham

    Love it! Great spot. Love the site!

  • Pax

    I love shadow illusions, they are so fleeting. This one works perfectly!

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!! Abi xx’s friend!

    wow! this is so kl! i love it!!

  • At School

    Wow that is so cool. Perfect spot i love the shadow illusions so much

  • Cindy

    I think this is such a good Illusion. At first glance it appears to just be a tree. I looked again and then realized it was a shadow.

  • Anonymous

    That is freaken awsome!
    Love this the most!

  • Joseph

    Haha, that kicks ass.

  • bufar

    Would be my favorite illusion if not for the 3D chalk drawings.

    • Hi

      What are you talking about? This isn’t painted on there. It happened by coincidence.

  • Anonymous

    I love it =]]

  • shauzia


  • AK


  • Schaianne

    Very cool!! That was perfect!

  • tylerrocks

    it’s funny how stuff like that works out!

  • Anonymous

    That is so cool! I still don’t understand how it works!

  • Anonymous

    This is the coolest illusion ever!

  • Trevor

    That is cool yo.

  • Anonymous

    its so cool, great shot it been taken in . Awsome!!!

  • alisha

    this is the dumbest site ever… too wierd for me.

  • Anonymous

    that is awsome! but what 3d chalk drawing are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

    WTF how did dat happen?? so cool

  • popcorn

    lol thats freakin awesome!!!! :)

  • cool!

  • i dont get it…….

  • PaperMoon

    That is neat! Cute! :)

  • oisin

    deadlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dude

  • Awesome man

  • sherry

    cool it looks as if the bushs were a part of a tree

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