All I Need is a Bucket Full of Paint

Can you spot a camouflaged persona in the first photo below? If you’re heaving trouble, don’t think less of yourself – after all, it is Liu Bolin we’re talking about here. Those of you who missed it, Liu is more known as an Invisible Man, which you can see in our archives if you follow the Liu Bolin tag. This artist has clearly mastered the body-paint camouflage technique, moreover it’s obvious he has taken it further, onto a next level. You can follow the underlined words in this text, and they will bring you to dozen of previous camouflage examples. Which one was the best? In my opinion The Tractor one beats them all! Stay tuned for more photos of Liu Bolin hiding himself…soon!

Invisible Man - Liu Boli - Optical Illusion 4
Invisible Man - Liu Boli - Optical Illusion 3
Invisible Man - Liu Boli - Optical Illusion 1
Invisible Man - Liu Boli - Optical Illusion 5
Invisible Man - Liu Boli - Optical Illusion 2

72 Replies to “All I Need is a Bucket Full of Paint”

  1. The Tractor one was definitely the best, although it didn’t take long for me to see him once I saw his shoes, which don’t seem to be camouflaged very well.

  2. Yeah the tractor one is deffinately the best. Don’t like the last one. He is not camouflaged at all in that one.

  3. They’re all amazing. He’s probably most “invisible” in front of the tractor, but the one in front of the wall is the best! He painted every single brick!

  4. I agree that the tractor is the best. All the other ones were easy to find. I was completely at loss when I first saw the Tractor Picture. I was like,”What the heck are they talking about? There isn’t anything weird with this picture. Until I read the discription, I realized the answer. I love this!

  5. lolz this is AWWESSSSOOOOOOMMMMMMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!! so cool! i thought they looked invisible because they fit so well in to the background. a wonderful work of art! 5 ST/\RS!!! *****

  6. well the tractor one is real nice, coz it takes a moment to search him…
    but if other photographs were clicked keeping the person off centered and focusing on any other object, then other pics can also be improved (its just my way of thinking)…

  7. Ahhh, very good. Couldn’t see him in the front loader until I looked at the others to see who he was then the front loader was easy. Excellent!

  8. I wouldn’t have known there was somebody in that picture if I wasn’t told. Very cool though I do like the brick wall one as well that one is also well done.

  9. OMFG WOW It took me atleast looking at the pictures 10 times to notice the guy in front of the tractor. So yeah I’d say the tractor was the best.

  10. So cool. The one in front of the building was wonderfully painted. And how he knew to place himself in front of the camera is very impressive. Doesn’t the paint harm him? If his body absorbs some of the paint, he can get cancer!

  11. WOW! that’s sooooo kool :)
    i think all of them are good
    the brick wall and the tractor are probs the best tho (just what i think) :) lol
    who eva thought of this is soooo smart and the person who done the designing is sooo talented too.

    The only two pieces of advise i would give is that 1) the shoes give it away
    2) make something else the focus of the pic instead of the thing he’s camoflaging to.
    but still……. they’re brillient

  12. the tractor one was sooooooooooooo cool. the others were soo was difficult for me to spot him at first but wen i took a look at the others it was glaring

  13. i really like the tractor one. it took me and my friend about 45secs to find the person and that is A LOT compared to the other ones. i LOVE camouflage!!!!!!;)

  14. it was kinda easy spotting him did it in like maybe 5 secs in just a quick once-over that coming from a 15 year old yeah you probably should be embarrassed

  15. this is just my opinion: #1:the shoes arent very good at camoflauging #2:all of them are easy to spot him in exept no.1 . #3: he doesnt blend in very good in the 3rd,4th,and 5th images.

  16. only hard in the 1st one. he is by the large tractor’s first tire on the right. the rest of them have him in the center with very bad camo.

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