Alien Workshop Crop Circles Illusion

When I was a kid there was a outfit brand called “Alien Workshop”, which very popular among skaters and rollers generation (many of us were part of). I remember how I wanted to buy their shoes, but never found them since they didn’t have any stores nor suppliers in my country. Anyone has similar memories? Somehow these crop circles I found remembered me of my childhood. Am I strange because of this?

Well, anyway – back to the topic. Images you see below were found somewhere in England, and it was said they just popped out over night. What we know for a fact is that they were created using large hay formations, and can be seen from the distance (above) with help of a helicopter or some other flying device. There were speculations about alien species, and their effort to send their messagge. How they created these formations in spirit of communication with us earthlings… I don’t really believe in them conspiracy-alien-government stories, but have to admit there is something mysterious behind it. If someone has more background on the story, please post your findings. One more thing – I am not definitely sure about the location these were taken on, nor am secure it’s England at all. Hope someone spots them in Google Earth and posts the sight! Never the less, photos are magnificent and you will enjoy them.

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  1. The wikipedia article on crop circles is good reading for the skeptic. Particularly that crop circles were rare until a couple of hoaxers went public with their techniques and suddenly crop circles were popping up all over.

    Also, photoshop websites have had competitions for the best “faked” crop circle photos so be wary.

  2. Nice illusions, but I’m taking your gadget off of my iGoogle page because your English bugs me immeasurably.

    A proofreader would be much appreciated.

    1. Sew yore mine is sew simpl that yew can’t figer out whot ppl r sane wit there Tex Massage riting stal? U B 2 olde!

  3. wow its magnificent how the ufos and usos do this no one really understand but i always keep wondering if people are the only ones in the universe………
    guess not!!!

  4. I read somewhere that these are easily created over night by a couple of guys, some boards, rope and a pickup. They drill two holes in a board, and loop the rope through, tying it so you get a board with a rope in a loop. (Like a sideways D).
    Then they load themselves and the boards on a pickup and drive out to a corn field.
    They grasp the rope in their hands, and with their foot press down on the board, squashing the cornstalks. Then it takes a little imagination, planning and patience to create the crop circles. (Or other designs.)

  5. Oooooooohh wow, those are amazing. <3 Alien cropcircles are awesome in general, and whether they are made by aliens or not, they're looking great.

  6. I doubt that it was made by Aliens, but that doesn’t stop it being awesome. How much planning must that have taken?

  7. I think this pictures are the same but made from other directions, aren’t they? It looks like this because the dark lines between the symbol are always exactly like in the other pictures. And I also heared that it is planed and made by men.

  8. the first one is rediculous.
    the second one is a really cool one. Ive searched for few more, but none are quite like either of these. they are mostly based on radial symmetry, with now true illusion but an intricate patter. these are pretty tight i think

  9. Crop circles have long since been explained away as a hoax. You can find out how they are made with a little research. They are beautiful, but they are pretty evil as they are made by destroying a farmer’s crops. Anytime one is made by a person other than the land owner or with their permission, it is a nasty and expensive crime.

  10. Now I dont know how human or extra ordenary these things are, but apparently the disk in the first picture has a binery message on it, wich is pretty incredable! The message says:

    “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIVE. There is GOOD out there.We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)”

  11. Alien Workshop is a skateboard company first and foremost. They make skateboards. They also have t-shirts and stuff, but they’re mainly just a skateboard company.
    I don’t think they ever made shoes.

  12. Caroline says:

    The latter was in England, yes. I’ve been out in the country side last summer, trying to find the one that popped in Somerset. It’s much harder than you think, because first, you don’t see it from the streets, and second because the local thinks it’s a bunch of stupid weirdo who do them (sdo they won’t look for it, won’t know where it is and therefore won’t try to help you to find it). And the last reason is, it upset the farmers as it destroy the field and attract tourists who will destroy it even more by walking ion it.

    Anyway, the best place to see them is in the Wiltshire county. Funnyly enough, they tend to pop around famous landmark like the Whites Horses or Avebury (stone circle) & Silbury Hill.

  13. Kudos to the designers and implementers of these creative crop circles. Of course, that’s assuming that they are in fact genuine! I definitely hope that someone can locate them in Google Earth!

  14. These crop circles have been appearing in Britain for many years, increasing in complexity each summer. Most appear in or near Wiltshire, quite often near sacred sites such as Stonehenge or Avebury. Whilst some of the simpler circles and the like have been produced by hoaxers many of the more complex forms defy reproduction.
    The alien image featured above has a message within the disk displayed as ASCII code, other messages have included musical code and representations of DNA.
    Nexus magazine has an archive of images – and there are many crop circle groups that can be found on the interweb.
    One particularly interesting experiment looked at the varying images and derived a code, this was used to create a ‘reply’ that was put in a feild in the UK. Nothing happened for 3 yrs, then the predicted response was found in a crop circle formation in Eastern Europe. I cant remember the details but it is worthy of further investigation.
    Oh yeah, First Comment!!

  15. There is an interesting experiment that showed complex interference patterns in water ripples when said water is exposed to varying sound frequencies.
    Amongst the amazing 3D images, pictures and other crop formations, a certain number of crop formations share these interferance patterns.
    Whilst it is right to state that many if not most crop circles are faked there is a hard core of circles that cannot be reproduced and form in such a short time that it is impossible for people to have done it, even admitted hoaxers have expressed puzzlement at how they were done, but sound may be a key.

  16. hello…

    well here in México is an investigator who goes to the place these images apears every year, his name is Jaime Maussan (i know his name dont give him credivility jejeje) …. the images appear in the second half every year (obviusly a diferents images) here is a link were you can see some videos of him trying to explain these things (
    see the video of crop circles an the next tree video there appear… i hope it could help….. and sorry for my english…. :p …

  17. Wow, that Lucy Pringle sure is a nut-ball! She does have a lot of great photo’s though. I can’t believe after so many people have admitted to creating crop circles by hand that there’s still crazies who think it’s aliens or paranormal forces. I totally appreciate them as art, the scale and designs are awesome – though the crop destruction thing is a bit uncool.

  18. The earth is COVERED with litterally TENS OF THOUSANDS of satelites! Any on of them could pick up a coke can as it floated past Pluto. If we can listen in on the Andromeda Galaxy, which is about 2 million light years away, I’m SURE we’d know if “alien life forms” were coming.

    The truth of the matter is, SOMETHING did this. Something supernatural IS doing this. I don’t believe it’s people….

    Open your Bible’s people. It’s all in there.

  19. Hey there,

    Firstly, there is absolutely no way that people could have done this. How is it possible at all that a human or group of humans could do this in one night? They would need some type of arial device to keep track of the designs being produced, plus all the stocks have been bent in exactly the same spot on every one! Not only that but the fibre at the point of the bend has been stretched exactly 2 inches to created this bowing effect. It is believed that this is caused by some type of “alien” (alien doesn’t nesseccarily mean a little green man, it simply means anything unknown) and it is created with some type of elecrtomagnetic charge. These were found in Hampshire england which is just outside on Winchester. Scientist sent a message through radio sattelite to outer space using a binary code. This mesage was basically telling whatever is out there about what we are as humans; for example, we are averaging around 4 to 7 feet in height, about our skin and our certain and basic ways of life, and a basic sketch of the human body, this was in 1972. In the year 2002, this image of an “alien” holding a sphere of binary code appeared. Not only that but it appeared OVERNIGHT in the field directly beside the radio tower that the original mesage in 1972 was sent out by! This is obviously the work of some type of alien race; they are telling us “hey! look at us! open your minds and our eyes to what we are telling you! Look how smart and clever we are, we can do this electromagneticly oevrnight!”
    I could go on forever about this… thats that people.

  20. The first pic is an alien holding one of them creepy dentist things. The… or a pizza cutter or whatever. Rotary cutter, that’s it ^^. Anyways, I’m big on the alien conspiracies and that has to mean that aliens are going to come kill us!!

    PS. Watch MIB 2 it’s really good!

    1. wut r u on??? u believe in aliens!!!!! were is that gunna get u?????? u shud belive in sumthin worth wile like God who sent Jesus to die on the cross for you!!!!! hate 2 b preachy r nything but its true…and i f u onestly blive in aliens then u relly need 2 read the bible or go to the counselor r sumthin!!!!!!!!!

  21. If it were electomagnetically done, humans could do it no?

    Clearly human. On the second picture down you can even see the trail at the bottom corner of the very bottom column where the HUMAN walked out a bit in the wrong direction or walked into the track to get out!

  22. people cannot have done this, because researchers have shown that there is no evidence of foot prints or tracktor prints (or any other machinery) leading to or in these crop circles, and so how could someone get there, stomp the crops, and out without leaving a trace? and the crop circles are procice (if thats how you spell it) and a human could not do something THAT perfect.

  23. @Magilicious “Clearly human. On the second picture down you can even see the trail at the bottom corner of the very bottom column where the HUMAN walked out a bit in the wrong direction or walked into the track to get out!”

    Those aren’t foot tracks dear. Compare the size of the crop circle with that “trail” is. If that is a trail, they would have to be at least 50ft tall to make those strides. And who says it was made by humans? Most probably it was, but don’t be so arrogant as to think that humans are the only form of intelligent life in the universe. Especially not the only form of intelligent life that has visited/lived on this planet. I don’t believe in the conspiracies, but I also definitely think that we could be being sent messages by another intelligence.

    Crop circles have been happening for millenia, the only reason we have just become aware of their intricacy is because we can fly now, but farmers have been reporting their grain being pushed down into circles and other shapes for many, many years. It’s not recent.

  24. Fantastic to view, but criminal, and a financial loss to the farmer, who has a pretty hard time anyway. OK if financial restitution is made, bet that doesn’t happen often, anyway alien currency is difficult to exchange in the world market.
    I’ve been going on about the educational benefits to kids watching this website, it shows the world as a different place from the obvious, and gets kids to think creatively. My grandson loves it, and comes out with some amazing lateral thinking.

  25. the circular disc on the first image is accualy a vissual imprint of a ACSII datta disc. starting from the centre and spiralling outwards, we get a 1 if the crop is standing and a 0 if the crop is flattened. Every 9th position is a small tuft of standing crop which is smaller than the standard ‘pixels’. This acts as a divider between digits. Between each marker digit are 8 ‘pixels’, which conveniently corresponds to the standard 8 bits per byte notation that us computer programmers use. By using 8 bits we can represent anything from 00000000 which is 0 in decimal right up to 11111111 (ie. all 8 pixels ‘on’) which is 255 in decimal.

    In order to represent numbers and letters of the alphabet, computers use a set of 128 characters which comprises what is known as the ASCII character set. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and was devised by the ANSI corporation back in the 1960s. The original ASCII set comprised of 7 bits in order to represent 128 unique characters. However, modern computers use an 8 bit character set which can display 255 different characters. The ‘upper’ 128 characters are usually reserved for special characters such as accented foreign characters and things like the Euro symbol.

    Going back to our spiral of binary digits in the crop formation disc, we obtain an initial grouping of 01000010 01100101 01110111 01100001 01110010 and so on, spiralling out from the centre.We can translate these binary sequences into their decimal equivalent and thus look them up in the ASCII character set to see what letters they correspond to.

    Doing this for the whole ‘disc’ we get the message “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there.We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)”.

  26. There are very few crop circles of interest, most are certain fakes. The alien one with a disk that you presented is one such crop circle and another is of the structure of the aliens DNA, the materials they are made of and other information we sent out into space years ago, looking for a reply.

  27. Crop circle is a phenomenon highly contaminated by pranksters . But with modern science it is easy to tell between a fake and a real crop circle . For example , high electromagnetic radiation is noticed in a real crop circle . Also the stems are bent and not broken . In man made crop circle the electromagnetic radiation is absent and the stems are broken .

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