Al Pacino Scarface Optical Illusion

Can you spot the optical illusion in these two images? The photos you see, are produced entirely from text! Scarface entire filming script was copy pasted, shaded and colored, giving you Tony Montana (Al Pacino) illusion. I love that movie! Clicking on them, you can open both pictures in full size to see what I mean. Previously I posted simmilar “NY Illusion”. Company called Pop Art sells these kind of posters, so be sure to check them out.

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  1. First off, these images are amazing in person. The text is NOT copied, pasted and then colored. These are completely hand done by an artist. The only thing added by a computer is the logo. Everything else is completely done by hand. Also, the company is called LOS ANGELES Pop Art, not just Pop Art.

  2. you should be sayin stuff lik dmn this is amazing i really do lik it… good find but no all you wanna do is correct everybody ppl lik you should be banned from this site dmn i hate that do that shyt… go find something better do with your life… fruitcake

  3. If theres nothing special about that, ill like to see either kristen or whatever do the same thing.
    Personally, I think that someone had WAY too much time on his hands, but its actually not that bad. Nice one!

  4. That was really cool, whoever said is wasn’t should click on the link and see it fullsize! And stop being so critical about everyone else’s opinions, it doesn’t matter if people don’t like it, that’s ok too. : )

  5. I think it’s amazing someone can do this, but I’m not really into the whole scare-face thing.
    BTW, is it just me or does it seem like the guy in the first picture is being choked?

  6. It seems there is a high probability that coolguyinla has a vested interest in LOS ANGELES Pop Art… Like he’s the guy doing the drawings/paintings or whatever.. Just seems like it..

  7. This would be a good illusion, I’ve no doubt, but the links to the big version of the pics is broken. Any chance of fixing that?

  8. Amazing job, but sadly the links don’t work for me, and it’s difficult to appreciate these masterpieces with such a low-res.

    So, here’s 2 links that work, at the time I’m posting:

    Another amazing one too:

    And check the whole site for more:

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